February 07, 2016 Romania Europe

Phoenicia Grand Hotel Bucharest

Phone Number: +40 21 300 0888

Address: Bulevardul Aerogării 87, București, Romania ( 12AM - 12PM)

Website: http://www.en.phoeniciagrandhotel.ro/

Price Range: 100-200 $

The first impression is catchy. I arrived to a big hotel that looks like a big mansion with big signboards, red carpet and a large lobby. Calm music plays in the background, you’ll find a bar that occupies the right area, an exhibition of paintings and a lobby occupying the front end.


Phoenicia is one of Bucharest's biggest hotels and even though its a four star hotel, it offers a wide selection of restaurants and activities. A bar, a Chinese place, a Lebanese restaurant and a spa. The first impression: A large lobby that should be better lit. Parts are dark others not, such a big space can impress.

Arriving at 6am we directly went for breakfast. We were welcomed by a very wide choice of items; all set on different islands, choices I've rarely seen in five stars around Europe. Tasty eggs, fresh bread, lively prepared juices and a choice of hot items. Really the choices are unbelievable; you name it from a small piece of wrapped cheese, to hot foods, chicken and meat, fruits, vegetables, Lebanese sweets and much more.

My suite was located on the third floor. A seating area and the room where a large bed sits in its center. There’s a working desk, a TV and a large bathroom. A carpet covers the floor, curtains decorate the windows and some lanterns add a touch of authenticity to the space.

Inside the bathroom are all the needed amenities. Shampoo, a dental kit and a vanity kit. More is hidden in the cupboard, a bathrobe, slippers and a shoe cleaning kit. A warm room with two heating units which I put off the second I walked in in a wide and relaxing space; I felt home for a week.


What I'll change: The room looks old and used. The carpet needs a change. The bed has the hardest mattress I've ever slept on with thick pillows – not the most relaxing beds.

My day started with a coffee every morning and ended with a drink at the bar every night. The reception is always attended with one member of staff, a doorman and a manager on duty.

The best part is the free food, the stations available at the reception everyday offering complementary fruits and pancakes; pancakes which are in fact crepes.

The hotel has three restaurants: the Lebanese, the Chinese and the international. With that you can have access to the spa.


I'll change:

  • Work on the interior of the rooms.
  • The bed is hard as a rock: An immediate change is needed.
  • One annoying thing in the hotel is the elevator. It’s motor has a very strong vibrating sound heard each time one orders it. It is annoying! Elevator needs an urgent fix.
  • The lobby is always dimmed and lights turned off: Disturbing.
  • It's a four stars, not a five.

Despite its small imperfections, I'll be booking my next stay here.

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