November 14, 2014

Pizza Hut Changes its Logo

One of the biggest restaurant chains, Pizza Hut is changing it's logo. This brand, which I think many will agree (whether you're a fan or not), is an iconic one with an identity that has become recognizable over the years. The new logo can be described as a pizza-like circle with a more muted red whilst still keeping the iconic 'hut' illustration or a swirl of tomato sauce... However you see it, it is definitely a minimalistic design that comes with a new tagline: "The Flavor is Now"


Apparently this change is the biggest the company has ever made together with the introduction of it's new menu which will include 10 new crust toppings and six new sauces.


I for one am curious to know ore, but I will have to wait, as the new menu will launch in the US starting November 19.

So do you like the new identity?

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