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Pizza Luna: Tasty American Pizzas with a Local Feel
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On the new main road leading to Mansourieh is a place many have come to know. My friend Michael has been insisting I come try Pizza Luna, a place he enjoys a great deal. Finally on a calm Monday night, the plan worked... Pizza Luna it was. 
With an open kitchen and nice decor, this eatery is small and welcoming. Red seems to be the dominant color... with red sofas, chairs and even a nice coca cola fridge.

Pizza Luna has a wide menu including a large selection of appetizers, eight salads, a load of pizzas, platters, and a dozen Submarines and burgers.

Tonight was pizza night but I also wanted to try a good Submarine sandwich, especially after the two bad experiences I had recently.


We had for dinner:

  • Pepperoni Pizza (pepperoni, cheese, tomato sauce). I like the dough. It's not too thick, not too fluffy, not too chewy but firm and enjoyable. A layer of hot tomato sauce, pepperoni, and loads of melted cheese.
  • Combination pizza (fresh mushrooms, green pepper, ham, pepperoni, cheese, tomato sauce): I like this one. Indeed a nice combination and most importantly the moisture and intensive flavor of the pizza that offers a light sweetness that doesn't over power the other ingredients. This is a real Lebanese pizza with authentic flavors. It reminds me somehow of my childhood.
  • Pizza Luna special (tomato, onion, olives, fresh mushrooms, pepperoni, green peppers, cheese, tomato sauce). This pizza is as good as all the rest, the Pizza Luna is a signature one should try.
  • Vegetaluna pizza (fresh mushrooms, green pepper, corn, palmettos, artichoke, roasted vegetables). This is the best of all. The dough it crunchier and the borders thicker with a mountain of fresh watery vegetables and melting cheese. It really is a specialty vegetarian pizza I highly recommend. I loved Loved its colors, enjoyed the palmito crunch, melted under the cheese. Bravo!


Other than that, you can't come here and not try their unique potato wedges. Airy and fluffy with an extremely crunchy envelope and an interesting salty after taste... These wedges are really amazing!

Then their Submarine filled with slices of ham, salami, corn, cheese with tomatoes, olives, lettuce and pickles. Now this is a submarine I've been dreaming about. A large submarine bun sprinkled with sesame seeds and filled generously with salami, ham, melted cheese before being stuffed with crunchy fresh vegetables. That's it, that's the taste I was searching for. A moist heart, adequately salty and fresh ingredients.


I personally asked for a special sauce without garlic powder, an ingredient many of you don't even feel but surely adds enjoyment to the experience.

Pizza Luna is more of a delivery spot, but having dinner in house guarantees a crusty dough full of hot ingredients and fresh aromas, which a delivery box may not be able to provide. I enjoyed an amazing Submarine and delicious pizzas while conversing with the welcoming staff. Give Pizza Luna a try, you won't be disappointed.

PizzaLuna Mansourieh; +961 4 530727

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