June 26, 2017 Lebanon Middle East

Pizza Pie: Lebanon's Best Chicago Deep Dish Pizza (Restaurant Closed)

I was first introduced to Deep Dish Pizza in Dubai four years ago, and then I visited the city of Chicago last summer to understand what makes a Chicago deep dish world renowned. The real Chicago Deep Dish has made it to Lebanon... A high thin crust, two layers of cheese, two layers of sauce and toppings of your choice. I love the taste, the sauce and the crunchiness of the crust before finally reaching the cheese... melting cheese that can only impress! A blend of two cheeses mixed together to melt like you've never seen on a pizza. Two thick centimeters of ingredients sit on top - not your average millimeter’s worth of toppings.


Pizza Pie is Lebanon's sole Deep Dish Pizza provider, open now exclusively at Souk el Akel. Try it out this summer.

Chicago style - thick and filled with cheese... It's about firm dough topped with a load of cheese - one centimeter of thickness - covered with another thin layer of cooked dough, decorated with a generous portion of juicy tomato sauce, embraced with a thick and crunchy border. A premiere in town, my favorite American pizza for sure. Try the spinach and ham which adds flavor to the pizza without masking the richness of the cheese. The four cheese is so good and so flavorful, the ingredients used are well balanced to activate all your taste buds.

An intense juiciness, real flavors, a journey of taste. And the tomato sauce is as good as all the rest, served on top, this homemade tomato sauce is not absorbed by the dough keeping it firm and stable for the ingredients inside.

On special occasions, Pizza Pie prepares a dessert pizza: a calzone pizza stuffed with warm bananas and cooked Nutella is drizzled with chocolate sauce. A crunchy dough feels like a biscuit and the generously filled heart is fun for my taste buds... 

Join us at Souk el Akel, meet Nadi Habchi, the passionate pizza baker and indulge in one hell of a cheesy pizza.





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