July 08, 2016 Korea

Pumpkin Terrier: The Nutella and Banana Cake
Sweet Tooth

Pumpkin Terrier is a cafe like any other cafe you come across. Approach the counter and start drooling over their beautifully looking cakes. I chose two of them.


Calm music, simple decor, an open facade on the street below, two smiley employees and two pieces of cakes...

Three layers of yummy fresh and airy white cake with cream interlacing between them embracing fresh strawberries. Strong strawberry taste enriches your mouth as you take the first bite. It's tasty. Superb cream, such finesse, and beautiful to look. Who said cakes at cafes should be commercial and fatty? This is one of excellent quality.

Nutella and banana in one single cake: Nutella based layers of moist cake, Nutella cream and fresh bananas. Flambees bananas, beautifully textured Nutella cream that's not too sweet. Unfortunately the popcorn on top spoils all the enjoyment when they stick to your teeth. A lovely cake, just remove the sticky popped corns.

They are good but I wasn't super impressed.

Categories: Tasty Discoveries
Suitable For: Sweet Tooth


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