February 25, 2013 Achrafieh Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Rare: A Forgotten Restaurant Which Deserves A Visit
Romantic Meetup Fine Dining


Welcoming: 5/5

Food Temperature: 8/10

Ambiance / Music: 7.5/10

Menu Choice: 3/5

Food Taste: 24/30

Architecture / Interior: 8/10

Food presentation: 8/10

Service: 8/10

Value for money: Soon

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With so many places opening in the country and fulfilling the need to try all these new restaurants mushrooming around town, we often forget about the older generation of eateries that have started the trend. Rare is one such place. One of the first specialized meat restaurants to open, Rare serves good food prepared by Chef Cynthia Bitar with a degree from Institut Paul Bocuse-Lyon, France.


Located in a very well preserved authentic Lebanese arched venue in front of the Saint Nicholas church in Achrafieh, Rare gives an appealing first impression: a welcoming staff, a well lit place and a beautiful yet simple decoration.


We ordered:

  • Salade de Crevettes Poêlées, Pointe de Miel à la Vanille, Vinaigrette au Fruit de la Passion
  • Tatin de Tomates et Fromage de Chevre
  • Calamars Grillés
  • Filet de Bœuf Australien
  • Côte de Bœuf, Black Angus
  • Loup de Mer à Juste Température, Infusion à la Badiane, Riz Basmati
  • Saucisse du Jour (Toulouse)


The first impression:

Dinner started with a few slices of bread with Roquefort (Bruscheta) and a bread basket that is too chewy, in my opinion, for a restaurant of this caliber. French baguette slices should be toasted, warmed and served fresh. The main thing I disliked and should imperatively be changed is the cheap cutlery and old white plates used. After all, the average check is $70.


The food experience:

  • The shrimp salad is a success. A mountain of French lettuce covered with passion fruit vinegar sauce, decorated with shrimps and sweetened with vanilla honey. That was really good.
  • I personally ordered the grilled calamari served next to a salad of lettuce, seasoned with lemon juice and pepper. A generous and fresh plate. I enjoyed a lot.
  • One of the greatest creations tonight is the Tatin tart. A thick crunchy dough covered with goat cheese and finished with a bed of cooked tomatoes. A fine dining preparation. Two thumbs up.
  • The greenery used in almost all appetizers is fresh and enjoyable to eat with their adequate sauces.
  • The filet meat my wife ordered well done, is not dry and full of taste. It's much better that our latest experiences at La Table Fine and Cafe De Flore that offered un-chewable pieces.
  • The sausage from Toulouse is very tasty and juicy even though it's too heavy and fatty
  • The Cote de Boeuf is acceptable
  • Fries are not the best you can have. A preparation to master.


The minuses:

  • The cutlery is very cheap and the glasses are not of premium quality
  • The white plates look cheap and old
  • French fries are not crunchy and are soggy in oil
  • The Cote de Boeuf should be presented to the customer cleaned from its fat. I liked this plate the least


The pluses:

  • The food is very good, prepared with love and passion.
  • The waiters are professional and welcoming. Nader knows the menu by heart with the ingredients of each of the plates. I love how he memorizes the order by heart.
  • We got complementary mushroom sauce and grilled vegetables to accompany the filet

Rare is a forgotten place which deserves a second chance. I would come back again to try other dishes that have a feel of professionalism and fine dining. An enjoyable dinner prepared by a good chef, even though we were alone tonight.





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