March 27, 2013

Restaurant Meets Design: 721 Tonkatsu Restaurant, Shanghai

Living in one of the busiest city of the world, people in Shanghai seem to have a kind of Utopian dream, a little unrealistic, but undoubtedly, it is dream that presents the most natural and primitive goodliness that people have always been longing for and subconsciously looking after. However, in order to survive, people repeat the same work day after day, but no matter what they do, they never forget their initial aim - the pursuit of happiness - eat happily, spend family time happily and live happily.


721 Tonkatsu Restaurant , as designers Golucci International Design call it, the "Happiness City Farm” is a new Japanese Restaurant founded in recently, locates its new home in the busy Pudong District of Shanghai. Based on its brand connotation --- a pasture that specially yields happiness, the Golucci design team try to created a corner of happiness in a tranquil place of the prosperous and dynamic Shanghai. The fresh and clear style enables people to sit quietly watching the bustling city, and meditating their dreams, visions and craves.


The designer Lee Hsuheng believe that, in terms of the design of modern restaurant, they should consider more about the guests’ psychological feeling than their physical experience. Especially when the dinning place is in the center of a busy city, dinning is not just a simple physical need, but more a psychological enjoyment - so when meal time comes and people think about a restaurant, besides delicious food served, consideration will also go to the environment, since an elegant and tranquil place will make them feel fully relaxed, and more importantly, this will bring them a sense of happiness.

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