August 11, 2013

Restaurant Meets Design: Ingfah Restaurant, Thailand (Restaurant Closed)

Ingfah restaurant is a local cuisine, outdoor seating restaurant located in Khaolak, Phangnga, Thailand. The below text is description from the designers, Integrated Field...

First time when we arrived the location, the site of this restaurant is surrounded by buildings and has no sea view. The most effective potentials left for this site was the lawn and the sky.

Therefore, IF proposed the concept of dining in the new way, sitting / lying down (which adapted and redefined from the past Thai dining behavior), and “Frame” the sky view to capture and make the beauty of the sky even more meaningful. Then, we had considered about the constraint of the limited construction time and the owner’s requirement that want this project to be a new destination for people, and also, raise the standard of the restaurant level around Khoalak area, which could be like lightening this area with flying lanterns spread out in the sky at night.

The conceptual idea came to be the restaurant that contain “many of small units”  which can be constructed in the shorter period than one big unit, and easier to be re-arranged in the future. The main structure for each unit was designed to be a “light geometric structure”, the very slim steel skeleton structure.

It was meant to blend in with the sky and let only the fabric stretched on it exist to the people’s sight. This fabric would be the “frame that capture the sky” and “the lantern that light up that area”.





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