July 17, 2012

Roberto Cavalli Announces the Opening of his First Restaurant in Beirut (Restaurant Closed)

The All Day Concept Restaurant, one of it's kind in the world, is set to be the culinary destination in Beirut. The first in the world and it will be in Beirut! I tried the Cavalli Club in Dubai, can't wait for Beirut!  
  • Cavalli Caffè is due to open its first flagship store in the Lebanese capital's vibrant downtown district.
  •  The restaurant offers a selection of the finest Italian cuisine serving brunch, lunch, and dinner to sophisticated ladies, business executives, and glamorous individuals.
  • A shop in shop located in the restaurant will offer a wide range of imported Italian delicacies.
Cavalli Caffè, a rejuvenated concept of the historic café Giacosa in Italy, is due to open its first flagship venture in the Lebanese capital in September 2012. Strategically located in the capital's vibrant downtown district, the coveted Italian restaurant will be situated in Karagulla building next to the Porsche dealership, within close range of designer shops, the business district, and the infamous nightlife scene.
Offering a mouthwatering selection of the finest Italian cuisine; the restaurant is set to be the culinary destination of Beirut. Suitable for morning brunches, sophisticated lunches, chilled-out afternoons, and glamorous evenings; the restaurant is set to be buzzing throughout the day with the crème de la crème of society. A shop in shop offering a wide selection of Italian imported gourmet chocolates, fine wines, and various delicacies will be situated within the venue. The zebra and giraffe prints captured in the striking details of the contemporary interior, mirror Cavalli’s signature creative touch. The inside space seats around eighty – two guests, while the exquisite outdoor terrace can seat up to forty guests.
  • Opulent Golden Mornings at Cavalli Caffè
At sunrise,CavalliCaffè'sclientele will have the opportunity to linger over a fresh cup of Italian coffee alongside a light breakfast menu, which will include fresh organic fruitsandscintillatingsmoothies. The smell of freshly baked goods will fill the atmosphere as the head chef prepares appetizing dishes that will ensure that your day is off to a fresh and delightful start. The restaurant's crowd will include the " ladies who brunch"; elegant women with their children enjoying a relaxing morning and socializing over Italian delights. In addition, executives that crave a light meal before heading out to start their busy day will be able to enjoy the wide range of servings. Acoustic music playing in the background will add to the energized and enthusiastic setting.
  • Bright Days at Cavalli Caffè
During the day, Cavalli Caffè will be bustling with business executives and creative entrepreneurs who will enjoy diverse, rich Italian dishes made from simple, natural, and homemade ingredients. Upbeat jazzy music will set the mood for the restaurant during that time of day.
At sunset, Cavalli Caffè's niche clientele will gather for post- work drinks and to network amongst each other. The sweet aroma of pungent Italian coffee will fill the atmosphere alongside a selection of fragrant cocktails and mocktails. Chill-out music will be playing in the contemporary setting to set the mood.
  • Crystal Nights at Cavalli Caffè
Food enthusiasts and party goers will gather at night at Cavalli Caffè. They will enjoy the coveted signature dishes that will redefine Italian fine dining. Contemporary lounge music will fill the atmosphere along with the divine smells of sophisticated perfumes and vintage wine.
Faithful to the Cavalli name, this upmarket and stylish destination is set to attract the most fashion forward, food devotees in the region.
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