May 09, 2016

Sa.Boué Sucré: Gourmet Cookies!

Tonight I was given two jars, funky jars filled with cookies. They look nice and appetizing; I just couldn't wait to try them. They're called "Sa.Boue Sucre".


In a glass jar, you’ll find unconventionally shaped sables - a fish, a cupcake, two hearts and two jar sables. Closed with a cork lid, the jar is wrapped with a pink ribbon.

The sables are flaky, airy and enjoy an interesting crunch. They are lightly buttered, adequately sweet with and an interesting after note. Some shapes include chocolate bits…

It’s a gourmet sablé I liked. Maybe adding some more chocolate bits would make them even better.

Check out their facebook page

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Categories: Tasty Discoveries


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