June 04, 2014 Hamra & Verdun Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Sanayeh Garden: Enjoy a Green Haven in Beirut

We all know that Beirut, and much of Lebanon, has a serious issue with a lack of green space. There are few places you can take your kids, our cities and towns often resemble concrete jungles. Thankfully, and I really am thankful, one small, or rather a  step has been taken to turn the tide: Sanayeh Garden.


Sanayeh Gardens has recently been redeveloped with the help of Azadea Foundation and has become one of my favorite spots in Beirut. Coming in off the street, I can’t say it clearly enough, René Moawad Garden; also known as Sanayeh Gardens  is like a breath of fresh air.

A wonderful, green space, I was stunned after walking in to the garden. Green grass, flowers, trees, I was transported out of Beirut, out of Lebanon even. I took some time to sit under the shade of some trees and just take it all in. Sitting amid the cool, lush green spaces was truly remarkable.


Azadea Foundation rehabilitation of the garden is superb and include new facilities and brand new infrastructure for lighting, water, and electricity and a modern look that includes an amphitheater, three children's playgrounds, two exhibit areas, and jogging and bicycle lanes. I can’t stress this enough, Sanayeh Garden is like another world, calm, fresh, open, a world away from the hustle of the city, the perfect place to take some time out during a busy day, or to take the kids for some green and healthy fun and enjoy riding a bike and maybe one day, I will use the new jogging lanes, to shed of some calories.

With free Wi-Fi you can stay connected, even when you’re relaxing and taking some time to yourself. I envy the huge buildings that have risen, some carrying name Sanayeh Garden, that surround this green haven. The residents are lucky to have the chance to overview the greenest space in Beirut, a change for the concrete blocks that surround most of us...


In this dreamlike space it was fitting that Dahlia flowers were there on the opening day and people were invited to cast a petal into a pond and make a wish. My wishes were simple, and inspired by Sanayeh Garden itself. Firstly, I wish that the mix of people I saw that day could represent Lebanon, that the country could mix, could blend, in peace and harmony. My second wish was for people to respect this wonderful space, to cherish it and to ensure that future generations can enjoy it.

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