April 29, 2015

Santiveri: Healthy … and Full of Taste
Healthy Treats

I was introduced to Santiveri a very long time ago, in the days when I was still living with my parents. My mom had a weakness for their products, and I remember their rice cake, specifically. I forgot about them for a while, until this year, when Santiveri seem to be reappearing on social media more often, opening way for the brand come into my office on a monthly basis. 


Sugar free, trans-fat free, healthy and good for diabetes, the biscuits are worth looking into. One of my favorites is their Waffis. A cocoa cream coated with milk chocolate, no added sugar but sweeteners and naturally occurring sugars. It is trans-fat free. A tender envelope, a flaky wafer biscuit and a lightly crunchy filling of hardened chocolate. I’m not a fan of milk chocolate but this one is good. The dark chocolate is even better, but buttery aftertaste that I didn’t appreciate much, but has the same flakiness, lightness in the mouth and no sugar flavor. One milk bar is 142 Kcal and one dark chocolate bar is 163 kcal; isn’t it bizarre that the dark chocolate one has more calories? 


This was for breakfast, but at 12, I felt like a little hunger tickling my stomach. Grabbing the bag of whole meal rice cakes, I bit into the first. Those are really, really good! Whole meal is whole wheat, cholesterol free, gluten free, organic and low in calories, those rice crisps are guilt free and very tasty. With no spread needed, I enjoyed their crunch, their flakiness, their lightness and surely, their flavor. Each cake only contains 28 kcal. They’re exceptionally good.

Lite Bite, wheat bran, 0% sugar, coated with a 70% dark chocolate. A clear taste, a firm crunch and a cool guilt-free experience that will satisfy your little morning hunger for a boosted day. The whole bar is only 70 kcal.

5pm, a relaxing tea and what else than the Cooki-Light orange coated with dark chocolate. Whole meal orange cookies coated with dark chocolate. Sugar free, egg free, trans-fats free with sweetener and enriched with fibers and folic acid. Small individual bites of crunchy and airy biscuits topped with a thin dark chocolate layer. They’re so small and so fresh that I finished the complete pack while writing this review. A pack of 85 grams with an average of 320 calories only.

I can continue on writing about the Santiveri products all day, but I wanted to give you a quick overview and an idea about the products I like.

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