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Sarku: Good Japanese Food in San Jose
Affordable Bites

It's a best seller at the mall down in San Jose and it is called Sarku, a Japanese restaurant that serves good, generous and tasty sushi. You can enjoy a selection of Japanese bites including Tepenyaki for only $8 a meal. I was amazed at the tasty bites I enjoyed that are far more delicious than other fine dining sushi restaurants that claim to be the best.


The ingredients used are very tasty. Rice, lots of it stuffed in a plastic box and topped with a generous portion of shrimp or chicken. Grilled fresh vegetables, chicanées style rice, flavorful mixes... The chicken is excellent, beautifully rendered and spiced mixed with broccoli and other veggies. The quality of the meat is also great, while the shrimp are finely chosen.

The sushi, six pieces served in a plastic box, thick rolls of sushi filled with a big portion of crabsticks. Good quality of non-sweet, non-sticky rice and tasty crabsticks.

I'm not sure how they can afford to serve at this price, but this the sushi at Sarku is one of the most delicious things I've had during this trip. I enjoyed my meal.

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