February 06, 2013 Lebanon Middle East

Schnitzel: A New German Specialty at CityMall (Restaurant Closed)

Phone Number: +961 1 883168

Address: City Mall, Dora Sea Side, Lebanon

Website: http://www.schnitzels.net

Price Range: 0-0 $

I tried this new place at City Mall the other day called Schnitzel. A new concept that has great potential, in my opinion. Good service, good food, great prices and with a few minor amendments they can succeed to become a popular new franchising place in Lebanon.


What does schnitzel mean? On the menu, there's a brief explanation of the meaning, It's a German specialty dish which according to Wikipedia its "a breaded cutlet dish made with boneless meat thinned with a hammer (escalope-style preparation), coated in bread crumbs and fried. It is a popular food in many countries and is made from veal, chicken, beef, turkey or pork."

Many like escalope, its a simple dish which is also popular in Lebanon as well.

The menu is a simple, elegant leather file with two pages printed inside. The world Schnitzel is sewn on the leather file neatly. You can have simple and plain schnitzels, or others with toppings, and more with fillings.


The place is warm, welcoming, a lot of wood is used, high tables, low tables, open kitchen bar, a huge vitrine which includes all kinds of beers you can even think off. Apparently the owner has a fascination for beer and it shows. Nice details around - like a tall stool made of iron where bottles of beer stuck between them, all of this add a unique style to the place.

I would add a bit more light to the place. It was day time, I felt it was 9 in the evening.


We ordered

  • Caesar Salad
  • Trio Cheese: Mini schnitzels of emmental, cheddar, mozzarella with house sauce
  • Onion Soup served on bread pot
  • Chicken Kiev Stuffed with mushrooms and garlic cheese
  • Beef Cordon Bleu: Stuffed with Ham and Swiss cheese

What I liked:

  • The staff are very nice, well trained and always smiling. This comforts you to try a new place, although you don't know what you'll be getting
  • There's Coca-Cola not Pepsi, which are served in cans and refilled  in cans and not draft.
  • Generous portions at reasonable prices
  • Recycled napkins used, a nice touch
  • Big knives served with every schnitzel dish
  • The simplicity of the place with fine nicely printed menus. I think it shows respect for the customer


What I would change:

  • More stuffing can be added, making the pieces taste richer
  • In some cases, too much bread is used, making pieces break as we eat... we end up eating meat without the bread
  • A bit too oily in some places

As a place it is nice and Like I said with a few changes it can be better... but I like their enthusiasm. We ordered meat Corden Bleu, but got chicken instead...  when we told them, they changed it on the spot with a smile and didn't charge us for both dishes. It was sweet of them, but guys don't do this too often.





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