December 22, 2014

Sesobel: A Hard Working Organization and a Great Cause

Sesobel is a story, Sesobel is a family... Sesobel is a journey which started 35 years with an aim to help deprived children along the way... Sesobel is made up of a group of hard working women who have dedicated their lives to help make a  a better future for these children.

"A Social Service for the Welfare of Lebanese Children."

Passing by Sesobel's Christmas exhibition this year, I asked the organizer for a guided tour around their premises and I'm happy I did so. Up in Ain el Rihani a busy beehive works hard day and night with one aim, one single aim: "A better country, a better future". 

For over 30 years, Sesobel has taken all possible steps to implement a coherent and monitored service to assist disabled children and to accompany their families as partners in facing life’s challenges. Sesobel has worked equally hard with all elements of society to help them recognize the value, dignity, and to have respect for, children with disabilities.

Our visit started at the kindergarten, where the little ones were singing Christmas tunes to welcome us. We took the elevator and moved along the floors, each of which hosted a different section... There are lots to see, but the most important thing is that everyone around here is happy and enjoying life. 

My favorite part was the chocolate factory. Yes, Sesobel does have some tasty treats. The finest Belgian chocolates are melted and mixed with crunchy almonds and other. My favorite is the Dark Chocolate Rocher, with its hard textured chocolate and crunchy heart.


Always Remember:

  • People are much more than they appear to be: Each person possesses a mystery that is only revealed by acts of faith and trust.
  • Each disabled person is a human being, a child of God.
  • Everyone is entitled to live in dignity and love.
  • All that we have received as gifts should be used to support one another.
  • Obstacles are part of life. It is up to us to overcome them.
  • Life is everlasting. Everyone is called to grow and meet their potential.
  • We are called to live as one large family, at the heart of which the weakest have their place.
  • Each of us is dear to God’s heart and we are all part of His family.
  • God looks at us and says: “You are my beloved children, you are all my joy.”
  • Love’s strength triumphs over death and all its aspects.


This is why they believe at Sesobel that everyone’s life, even when the individual is disabled, is worth being lived as a celebration, because love is enduring and because we are all brothers.

Sesobel cares for 650 children annually. They come from every region in Lebanon and even come from abroad. They are welcomed regardless of ethnicity, community, religion, or social background. 

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