July 23, 2015 New York USA Americas

Shake Shack Madison Square Park: The Experience

They say you can't come to New York and not stand in line at Shake Shack Madison Square Park, where this worldwide craze started. Shake Shack is now found in dozens of countries around the world serving their famous good looking burgers, hotdogs and their signature dense frozen custard ice cream blended at high speed with mix-in - known as concretes.


On Madison Square Park, in the heart of New York, is a Burger shop located at the main area of the park. An individual structure which opens from the morning hours till 11pm. Be prepared to stand in line, sometimes for hours, waiting for this historical burger the world talks about.  

After a long week in New York I remembered that I still haven't tried Shake Shack. Tonight was my last night, it was 9pm and I was standing in line for burgers and fries. 

More than two dozen people work in here, preparing the thousand orders that come every day. We ordered the special edition Park Burger and the normal Double Shack and were given a number and a buzzer while the order was prepared. Glass facades offer an open view of the kitchen, of the burgers and fries, the smoke and grills. They run at cruising speed.


I was hoping to be amazed, especially after waiting for that long. 

  • The Double Shack burger comes with double patties, melting cheese and green lettuce with thinly sliced tomatoes. A tender bun and super juicy meat in a buttery paper. I like it. I like the meat's quality, the cheese, the saltiness and this special sauce which makes all the difference and leaves a pleasant after note. Fatty meat well absorbed by the bun, a meat I enjoyed eating by itself, crumbly meat without a squeaking feeling under the teeth. It's good quality.
  • The Park Burger is special. A bit dryer, different, slices of crispy smoked bacon with melted aged cheese on double patties. Its flavors are well balanced for someone accustomed to burgers. Maybe you would want to add a bit of ketchup? As it is, I devoured it to the last bit. 
  • The fries, special curly fries with more crunch. Yellow looking, well cooked, perfectly salted and good. 


For fast food on the Park, Shake Shack is one of those burger places you must try. I surely prefer Five Guys, but one can't deny how good Shake Shack is. Why isn't as good in the Middle East?


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