February 01, 2017 New York USA Americas

Soft Swerve: The Ice Cream Craze!
Non-smokers friendly
Sweet Tooth

There's a craze in New York at the moment and it's called "Soft Swerve". It's basically a soft serve or "Merry Cream" yet with a difference: the cone is black and the cream is violet. This small shop managed to make a name for itself all over social media with their sexy ice cream cones.


Since I was in New York, how could I miss being a part of this craze. They open at noon, wait in line and watch them prepare every cone with passion and a smile.

Although it's nothing more than ice cream at the end of the day, the flavors explain the fame they are receiving.

They were out of Matcha flavor so I tried the violet one, the black sesame and the milk. All three were very flavorful and tasty.

The cone is what makes all the difference. A black sesame cone is not sweet and offers a flaky biscuit experience. 


Have a good look at the photos and go try Soft Swerve.

Suitable For: Sweet Tooth


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