August 24, 2013

Solo Per Due: World's Smallest Restaurant

Have you heard of the "world's smallest restaurant" which only caters to two people at a time. The owner, Remo Di Claudio would like couples to experience an exclusive dining experience compared to none. Located in Vacone, central Italy, the restaurant ‘Solo Per Due’ literally means “just for two” in Italian.


Guests are welcomed by the owner himself as he greets his guests as soon as they reach the candle-lit driveway. The staff of the restaurant will tend to the couple exclusively, serving them homemade pasta and bread, wild fruits and mushrooms as well as local confections. The experience feels more authentic as the decor of the restaurant looks pretty old.


If you're interested, you would have to email the restaurant ahead of time, especially that they serve less than 1,500 people in a year. For lunch or dinner, dinning at Solo Per Due costs approximately US$335 per person.


Now my antennas are up!


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