September 19, 2015

Souk El Akel: Aley's Adrenaline Goes Sky High

The more time goes by the more I learn about the intense 'joy for life' that exists in us Lebanese... In its third area in Aley, Souk El Akel is on fire... Or should I say grilling fire...and deliciously smoking aromas ...


If you're lost for things to do this weekend, driving up to Aley is an option. Get out of the city and go enjoy some quality time with friends and family in one of Lebanon's most beautiful spots... while enjoying the best of food festivals, delicious bites and great fun... under one roof - Souk El Akel.


 After Beirut, Broumana, Zouk Michael... Souk el Akel travels to Aley. For the first time in years, Aley's adrenalin goes sky high. A breathtaking experience where food is enjoyed in a fun-filed atmosphere. Thousands of people, old and young, locals and from across the country came to be a part of this food festival that's taking Lebanon by storm.
From September 18 to September 20, the festival started yesterday and will last the whole weekend - come over and enjoy the various food vendors are preparing their best and most innovative food bites, people joyfully walking, children dancing, DJ spinning... and so much more... It's like one big party in our own backyard.
in addition to the deliciously addictive bites that is enjoyed in every Souk El Akel,  Aley's enjoys live charcoal grilling lamp, three Mexican stands, a coffee corner...
The beautiful and renowned mountainous is on fire this weekend... what are you waiting... come hungry and come enjoy Lebanon, come enjoy Lebanese joy for life and come enjoy some amazing food innovations... in one single spot.
We are waiting for you...
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