August 11, 2016

Souk el Akel Raises the Lebanese Flag Up High in Egypt

Not only is Beirut's popular street food travelling around Lebanon this summer, for the first time in Lebanon, Souk el Akel celebrates the multicultural colors, flavors and styles of Lebanese street food across borders. Raising the Lebanese flag up high, it's an honour to share some of Lebanon's positive vibes and fun spirit with the world...

Over 100 people talented and experienced street food experts have travelled to Egypt to share their know how, culture and tasty bites with Egypt’s lively lifestyle.


Egypt is the finally witnessing Lebanon’s vibrant culinary know-how including Lebanese, Middle Eastern and International food uniquely prepared in a professional set up.

Taking place in Porto Marina Complex at el Alameen, located on the North Coast, three and half hours away from Cairo, Souk el Akel promises the ultimate experience with live food cooking, music and more.

August 11, 12 and 13, Egypt will be enjoying the true Lebanese spirit in an authentic environment set by Souk el Akel.

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