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Stohrer: Where the "Baba au Rhum" Originated in 1725
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A few months ago, I came across Stohrer on The Discovery Channel... from that moment I started planning my next visit to Paris with anticipation. Stohrer, one of the first pastry shops in Paris, is today one of the most visited places by locals and tourists alike, who come in, just to devour their unique Baba Au Rhum cake.
In the year 1725, Louis XV married Marie Leszczynska, daughter of King Stanislas of Poland. His pastry chef Stohrer follows her in Versailles. Five years later, in 1730, NICOLAS STOHRER opened his bakery at 51 rue Montorgueil in the second arrondissement of Paris. In its kitchen, where desserts were invented for the Great Court, king’s delights are still prepared. La Maison Stohrer is one of the the oldest and most revered Parisian patisseries and caterers. The shop on Rue Montorgueil is the oldest and opened in the early 18th century. The storefront and interior alone are admirable for their elaborate frescoes and carvings.
Few meters from Chatelet Les Halles, the closet parking to Stohrer is a walking street, Rue Montorgueil where the famous shop is located. In front of it, you will see a sign pointing to the heritage hidden inside. On the glass facade, Le Figaro's article votes Stohrer's eclair as being the best of Paris. We jumped in to taste the Baba, Puit d'Amour and Eclair.
Stohrer had an instant effect on me. The same effect a child gets when they enter a toy shop. You stop to admire the thousands of colors displayed beautifully. Just passing along the side walk and looking will make you drool...
The story of the Baba au Rhum:
Nicolas Stohrer served his apprenticeship as a pastry cook in Wissembourg in the kitchens of King Stanislas De Poland. With a dry Polish bun that King Stanislas brought back from a trip , Nicolas Stohrer invented the Baba. He enriches the dry bun basting Malaga wine, perfuming it with saffron and adding the custard with fresh grapes and dried raisin from Corinth.King Stanislas, while reading the tales of MILES & ONE NIGHT, fascinated by the character of this novel, named the new cake the ALI- BABA . When the daughter of King Stanislas From Poland Leszcynska Mary, married in 1725 King Louis XV, his pastry chef Nicolas Stohrer followed her to the court of Versailles. Five years later Nicolas Stohrer opened his pastry shop at 51 rue Montorgueil in Paris.
Over time the Ali Baba turned into rum cake and custard was replaced with whipped cream.
Stohrer offers three versions:
  • The ALI- BABA, The Original, drizzled with rum, topped with custard and dried raisins from Corinth a circular baba, emptied in its middle and filled with pastry cream and a hint of orange. The cover is then placed back on top as a decoration. This cake is breathtaking. Filled generously with rum, it's soaked to the bones making it soft and juicy, melting like butter under your teeth. Rum caresses your taste buds in style before the sweetness bursts into action making you smile
  • The normal Baba au Rhum, looks like a mushroom. Even though very simple, you also can't but express your feelings out-loud with a moan.
  • The Baba au Rhum topped with whipped cream: This version looks like a finger, baked with fruit cubes and topped with homemade pure white whipped cream. This one was my favorite. The marriage of cream, rum and moist dough is exquisite
You can enjoy these classics individually, or order a bigger one to satisfy a bigger party. 
You should have seen me standing on the sidewalk, the box in my hand eating one Baba au Rhum after the other. People passing by were starring at me as if I was an alien, while others who are familiar with the place, stopped, and asked: "It's good, isn't it?" I was expecting to taste something good but  honestly not that good. WOW! Everything in these cakes is perfect. They smell great, they taste great, they look great and they are reasonably priced.
Another specialty is the "Puits D'amour": A pastry dough (Pate feuilleté), filled with vanilla custard and topped with a caramelized layer of crunchy sugar. Mmmmm! This is a superb piece of innovation. Yummy!
As for the Eclair, Stohrer's are the authentically simple ones. Although I loved the "L'Eclair de Genie" ones, these are not to be compared with anyone. They are just right: Premium soft dough, generously filled with fine ingredients you'll enjoy.
What an experience! A must try for sure. I was expecting to feel the same when visiting Berthillon, a place referred to as having the  best ice cream in Paris, but unfortunately I didn't feel a thing.
Stohrer deserves to be considered the best because they simply are.
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