April 17, 2012

Stone Drink Dispensers: Grab One Before the Summer

Maybe water can't be found in stone, but hard liquor can! I like the idea of these stone dispensers, a great way to serve drinks at a party... These cool new Stone Drink Dispenser is a stylish handmade liquor bottle tap made from natural stones found along the coast of New England.

Make a party, have a few of these around, and people will be filling their empty glasses without asking anyone. It's fun and easy.


You may not be able to get water from a stone, but you can tap your favorite spirits. Cut from cobbled granite and affixed with a stainless steel spigot with a beach stone lever, Jeff Henderson's sturdy and sophisticated drink dispenser adds instant pizazz to any event. Handmade in New Hampshire.

Think of the Stone drink dispenser as the party’s water cooler: easy to use, easy to refill, and everyone’s hanging around it. Handmade from natural granite stones and furnished with a stainless steel spout, no two are ever quite the same in shape or colour. One thing is sure: we don’t expect any bottle that’s found its way into the dispenser to last more than a few minutes.

I'm not sure if they are already available in Lebanon

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