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The Borough Food Market London: Everything Food...

After visiting the Real Food Market, it was time to check out the second address where locals visit on the week-ends to buy their fresh foods and vegetables: The Borough Market is a great spot right next to the famous London Bridge.

The Borough Market provides the same experience as the Real Food Market with slight differences. The Borough Market provides a haven for people who want to buy fresh vegetables, fish, meat and bread with a few places that offer cooked food to be eaten on the spot. It's location is also different, in the sense that it is not part of a shopping district where people can come mingle and artists sing and perform...

On this early Saturday morning, I had the chance to experience the sellers in action. It was around 8am and everyone was working, preparing their displays and organizing themselves before visitors start swarming the place. Lovely companies, lovely people, lovely ambiance right under the railroad. Vibrations come and go, smells dissipate into the alleyways, fridges roar and sellers try to be the most convincing. It's a whole different world... I loved the bread and pastry displays of brownies towers and baguette fortresses, as well as huge cakes and tarts; sizes are enormous around here!

My favorite burger shop, which I have already tasted at The Real Food Market was here; the Boston Sausages Hotdogs and many other traders I met today provide delicious products like Baxter, Northfield Kitchen, Furness Food Stop, Borough Wines, Bread Ahead, The Fresh Olive Company, The Organic Juice Bar, Exquisite Deli, Oliver's Bakery, Oliveology and Mini Magoo's to name a few.

Mini Magoo's, a brand that caught my attention: A company providing hand-made breakfast cereals, produced from 100% organic ingredients and suitable for diabetics. The Mini Magoo’s range currently consists of four muesli flavors (raisins, cranberries, blueberries, dates), four granola (ginger, orange, lemon, dates) and three porridge flavors (prunes, dates, cherry and coconut).

Today's breakfast at Oliver's Bakery: With 24 years’ experience under his belt, pastry chef and baker Olivier Favrel is committed to providing nutritious and delicious products using only the best ingredients to his customers. Based locally in South East London, Oliver’s Bakery brings to Borough Market a variety of handmade breads, cakes and pastries including a special selection of 100% spelt bread and croissants. I tried their spinach and cheese croissant as well as the chocolate one. Honestly I've eaten better ones.

Borough Market is London's most renowned food market; a source of exceptional British and international produce. Around the area move out of the borough market and plunge into the Green Market and the Jubilee market where more producers are present to offer the best of their know how. There was a Lebanese cook selling some Shawarma sandwiches, Sambousik, Fatayer and Kebbe as well as a cereals mix vender that marked me. It's amazing how much you discover in such places. It was only 08:30am and sausages were already grilling and onions on their way to being caramelized. Awesome mix of odors activating your senses and making your mouth water. It was time to leave the quickest possible before eating becomes a sickness: it's still breakfast time and all my eating, hunger and craving buds where on alert already!

The market is full of traders selling artisanal products which have been ha by hand made and reflect the passion and knowledge of their creators. I personally prefer the Real Food Market even though this one is an interesting spot visit if you have time while in the city.

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