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The Cedars of Lebanon: Food, Fun and Discoveries (The Video)

Before the Cedars turns completely white, I decided to travel all the way up North to discover one of the main tourist attractions in Lebanon. The Cedars is a place the whole world talks about and it's forest has been mentioned and referred to many times in the Bible.

Of course, the first stop had to be the Cedars forest. Breathtaking! Then it was time to roam around the area and discover some of the tastiest bites this country has to offer. Watch the video and join me on a journey to the Cedars, where food is authentic in taste and presentation, while the love for Lebanon overflows unconditionally...

Visiting the Cedars of God before the first snow. A beautiful village up the mountains of North Lebanon hosting generous people, a beautiful scenery and some good food. Let's discover together, THE CEDARS OF LEBANON. The Cedars of God (Arabic: أرز الربّ‎ Horsh Arz el-Rab "Cedars of the Lord") is one of the last vestiges of the extensive forests of the Cedars of Lebanon (Cedrus libani ) that thrived across Mount Lebanon in ancient times. Their timber was exploited by the Phoenicians, the Assyrians, Babylonians and Persians. The wood was prized by Egyptians for shipbuilding; the Ottoman Empire also used the cedars in railway construction.


Places Visited:

  • Cafe des Cedres +961 70 448 797 (Breakfast, Eggs and Halloum)
  • Al Arze Restaurant (Kebbe)
  • KawKab, Em Karam +961 6 678131 (THe Finest Mankoushe Ever)
  • Cafe Royal +961 3 551247 (Nutella and Bananas Saj)
  • CedArt, Jo&Li +961 6 678076 (The Wood Artist) 
  • The Oldest Hotel in the Cedars, Hotel St.Bernard (Tea and Chimney)





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