March 31, 2018 New York USA Americas

The Donut Pub; New York’s Exceptional Doughnuts
Non-smokers friendly
Coffee Talk

I’ll be straightforward and skip the introductions; I’ve had thousands of Donuts in my life but never as good as the one at The Donut Pub. It’s an old looking place with a long bar up front, coffee, and sandwiches sold at American Diners and a display o Donuts! Donuts all the way, eye candy Donuts of all colors and sizes waiting to be devoured. I sat and ordered 3 of their doughnuts.


On the long bar, I sat facing the donut display, contemplating these pieces of art and one grabbed my attention; the bacon croissant donut. Croissant and donut combined, this should be Dominique Ansel’s copy of the Cronut; it’s even better fluffier, lighter and tastier. A load of flavors, a super tender relaxed dough, empty bubbles of air inside and a rich robe of sugar, topped with slices of maple infused bacon. It’s so yummy!


I also had the salted caramel croissant donut and loved the quality of molten chocolate as well as the salted flavor at the end. The third one I ordered is the French Cruller, cut differently giving it a cookie texture.

Amazing donuts with a taste I never had before; they are softer than usual, smoother and fluffier; so why not order more. I asked for a glazed donut and a Boston cream which I both enjoyed.


Craving a Donut in New York, start by “The Doughnut Plant” for the square filled donuts followed by “The Donut Pub” for some love!

Suitable For: Coffee Talk





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