November 16, 2013

The First French Fries Vending Machine

After a late night out with friends, nothing sounds more delicious that some greasy fries to round out the evening. Now, thanks to entrepreneurs from Belgium, you’ll be able to satisfy your hunger in 90 seconds:  a vending machine that dispenses fresh cooked french fries with a luxe twist. BEYONDTE ELECTRONICS CO.,LIMITED FF VENDING According to the Guardian, the pre-cooked and frozen fries are dropped into piping hot oil or lard for a perfect golden brown finish. The addition of beef fat is what sets this vending machine apart from previously built automated french fry vending machines. The animal drippings are considered by many Belgians to be the premiere fry fat — lending a deep, meaty flavor to the crispy potatoes. Customers pay €2.50 (£2.13) for a 90-second fry-up of a 135g portion of chips accompanied by fork, salt and ketchup or mayonnaise, with or without harissa, but definitely without the customary moules. Three filters are meant to cut out the smell of the frying.  
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