August 31, 2016 Dubai UAE GCC Middle East

The Hangry Hangar, Dubai: The Gathering of Three Food Trucks
Non-smokers friendly

Located in Warehouse Four in Al Quoz, the Hungry Hangar features food from The Shebi, Gobai, Calle Tacos and Marigold Baker & Co. Three food trucks in a funky space, with communal dining, areas as well as smaller tables, atmospheric lighting, and sofas for longer lingering, and art on the walls oozes a relaxed and down-home yet trendy feel. Fun, light music and positive vibes, this place is interesting indeed.


Let's taste:

  • The pulled beef sandwich from "The Shebi" is excellent. A thick fully loaded sandwich made of brioche moist bun and tender beef. Enjoy the sweet taste of light barbecue sauce, crunchy cabbage and a faded spicy taste. This is a good sandwich indeed.
  • The shrimp taco from "Calle Tacos" is deceiving. A chewy taco, very hard crunchy purple cabbage, garlic, parsley, huge sized onions and tomato cubes served with nachos on the side. I was not impressed at all.
  • Parata bread chorizo beef from "Gobai" is all about fluffy crispy flatbread dough called Parata filled with cubes of tender beef marinated in spicy chorizo. It’s a bit dry for a street food sandwich but it’s good enough to be remembered.
  • "The Marigold Baker & Co." does coffee and waffles. The waffle is tender yet not as crispy as you would expect it to be. Good enough but I'll improve... It’s a bit too stuffed, not airy enough, for me at least. The toppings are tasty, including the ice cream, some Nutella and some crispy things.


I loved the vibes, tried one item from each truck and promised the guys to visit again one day.


This is an interesting discovery, open until the 3rd of September. Follow them on Instagram for more info.


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