March 29, 2015 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

The Lebanese Burger at Lamb House

Phone Number: +961 1 741701

Address: General de Gaulle, Chouran Street, Al Manara, Beirut, Lebanon ( 12AM - 12PM)


Price Range: 10-30 $

Lamb House: An Iconic Restaurant on Beirut's Waterfront

My friends say it's their favorite burger and I might just be agreeing on that.  Sometimes, simplicity is just what the doctor orders… Let’s go to Lamb House, a restaurant, a landmark in the heart of Beirut City, located in the Hotel Mediteranée, Manara.

When you say Lamb House, everyone knows it, one way or another. The place, open for 24 hours a day, serves a variety of Lebanese cuisine including their popular Lebanese burger. 


And when I say burger, I mean a simple yet loaded Lebanese burger – nothing fancy!  A thin yet juicy piece of meat in a homemade sesame covered bun filled with tender French fries and coleslaw, a spread of cocktail sauce and crunchy pickles!

The lamb house burger is not those cheap kafta burgers they call homey but a burger that's just good. A tender yet lightly chewy bun topped with sesame seeds and filled with a load of coleslaw without a strong mayonnaise flavor and no added sugar, a spread of cocktail sauce, crunchy pickles, moist tomatoes and the meat. A thin meat that's so tender blending well with the mix. Lebanese it is!

It’s an interesting discovery one should try if you haven’t yet. Don't order a burger platter but the sandwich prepared by the chef. 

The delicious and homey burger, loaded with passion – an easy recipe to set a smile on your face.


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