January 04, 2017

The Muscle, the Gear and the Carrot: Back to the Basics

Craving for something simple? Imagining a kitchen without multiple electric unites where each only does a specific task? With that in mind, comes The Muscle, the Gear and the Carrot, a food processor concept that returns to the basics.


Here, the food processor was re-imagined as a multifunctional manual mill that is attached to the wall. When the wooden lever is activated, the movement of the equipment is multiplied tenfold by a visible flywheel mechanism.

Different types of attachments can be fixed to the main body to fulfil different functions – a chopper for vegetables, a grinder for seeds and coffee beans, a salad spinner to dry salad leaves, a blender to whip up a quick drink, a dough hook for kneading bread, a whisk for beating eggs, a paddle for general mixing purposes, etc.

Categories: Food Gadgets


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