July 22, 2018

The Three Brothers: The First Lebanese Gin

A rediscovery of a lost style of gin production. Juniper Phoenicia berries are macerated and infused with other 22 botanicals in a premium neutral grain spirit.


Those botanicals describe the Lebanese taste and tradition including Kharoub, 3enneb, olive leaves, rose petals, cedars leaves, pine barks, Zaarour, pistachio and other ingredients like grapefruit peel, coriander seeds, lavender and other secret ingredients.

Handmade in Lebanon: the foundation of this gin starts an infusion of junipers Phoenicia berries into high-end neutral grain spirit, then a maceration of herbs, spices, ba, ks, and fruits take place in an oak barrel to obtain a deep complexity of aroma. Their original amber color is gained from the spice infusion.


The Three Brothers Bathtub Gin is handcrafted by bartenders in small batches

A sipping gin 100% Natural with no sugar and essence added. It has a very special flavor profile, unlike anything you have ever tasted before. It is a one of a kind product. One whiff on the nose and you know it is Gin by the unmistakable scent of juniper. 

It is particularly that this gin can be consumed neat, like a fine cognac and decent whiskey, and thus opens the possibility of a new category of gin: “Sipping Gin”



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