September 30, 2018

The Ultimate Breakfast Burrito Cheat Sheet

Breakfast burritos have been around since 1975 when they were invented in a Santa Fe cafe, and over the years they’ve been adopted by everyone from McDonalds to Dunkin Donuts to Taco Bell. However, they’ve taken on a new life in recent years, courtesy of websites like Reddit, where they feature strongly in the r/MealPrepSunday subreddit, with posts sharing recipes always popular.



It’s not hard to see why, because breakfast burritos have a lot going for them, especially in a modern world where we need affordable, tasty snacks to fit in our busy lives. According to a survey, 31 million Americans skip breakfast every day. A study from the American Heart Foundation showed that people who skip breakfast have a higher risk of heart attack or death from heart disease than those who don’t, so the importance of a quick and tasty breakfast snack is obvious.

What makes burritos so convenient is the ability to batch and freeze them for up to three months, with only 2-3 minutes of microwaving required to get them ready to eat. Unlike many other options, breakfast burritos can also be nutritious and have the flexibility to meet a wide variety of dietary needs.

In this guide we’ve split up 44 burritos into 7 key groups, from low-calorie to high-protein to vegan and paleo, as well as picking out some of the best freezer-friendly recipes. So, whatever your fitness or health goal is in life, there are burritos here that can be a part of that plan as well as a quick and tasty breakfast solution. So why not try the 44-day challenge? Embrace the breakfast burrito and you’ll never have to go without in the morning again.


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