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Tsunami: Bad Delivery Service... Not Recommended!
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When you call to place a delivery order, and wait for your food to arrive... you expect to enjoy your dinner... especially when it's Sushi!


I really don't know where to start...

It saddens me to see sushi treated like burgers and sandwiches, wrapped in nylon, stuffed in cheap packages and delivered to your doorstep without a bag... It is like they have done everything possible to maximize on profit, when more investment should be made in high-end packaging, especially in today's market.

It's sushi! It's expensive! It should be treated with respect!

More than 40 pieces ordered along with two temakis, stuffed all together in one plastic platter without separating different flavors... Very badly handled... It looks bad, it doesn't look appetizing in any way... It's a shock, especially since you just paid $100 for it.

Sloppy pieces, sticky rice and sweet bananas.. I felt I was eating a fruit cocktail. I tried another with a piece of unripe mango which was close to breaking my tooth, another strawberry roll - strawberry in a maki roll? Come on! Avoid this order. Seaweed wrapped with a bomb of sticky rice... hard crisps, watery fish... You suffer the unpleasant textures and sweet ingredients as you chew. I can't believe that anyone has done any kind of food tasting before sending such things to people.

A tasteless salad, gooey salmon cubes, crab sticks and crisps - hard like stone - with no sauce to give this mix some taste. And to decorate the other plates, red cabbage! Why the hell should I have red cabbage with my rolls?!

The cherry on top was the Temaki, it was like biting into a Labneh sandwich... lacking in texture and body. The picture speaks a thousand words.


It upsets me to have to eat such a dinner from "Tsunami" a place considered to be one of the good Japanese restaurants in town. It would be better if sushi places do not deliver if they're not ready to do the food justice in this way! #JustSaying

Deceived, very deceived... I am not doing it again anytime soon.

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