October 14, 2012 London UK Europe

Unique Offerings From Marks & Spencer

Coming back from my London food discovery week, I had the chance to enjoy many interesting places providing unique offerings. One of them is Marks & Spencer food.

The fall and winter seasons are wonderful times for people who enjoy good food and drink. Not only does the holiday season bring several occasions for special dinners, but the time of year in general invites hearty meals and comfortable indoor environments. In order to prepare for these seasons and make the most of these occasions, you may want to do a bit of shopping for specialty foods and table items, and there's no place better to do it than Marks & Spencer. While you can always get food, wine, and other items at grocery stores and local malls, Marks & Spencer consistently makes new and exciting items available, and can facilitate your holiday season in exciting ways. Here are a few examples of the kinds of new and unique items you can purchase from M&S right now.

Unique Wines: Again, you can pick up a nice bottle of wine at any local grocery store or wine shop. However, Marks & Spencer brings you some of the newest and most exciting wines from around the world on a consistent basis, and may provide you with a unique option this season. For example, M&S has recently begun to supply customers with a few lovely wines straight from Lebanon, a wine producing region on the rise. Though the region itself is very different from France in terms of climate and geography, many Lebanese winemakers have been trained in France, and this has resulted in the production of wonderful, rich Mediterranean style wines from Lebanon.

2012 Jubilee Items: With the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebration having taken place this past summer, commemorating her Majesty's 60th year on the throne, there are a number of specialty items available. These items, designed in the spirit of the Jubilee, are available at Marks & Spencer, and can provide you with unique additions to your cabinets and tabletops. With everything from oven mittens to mugs available, you can build a nice, unique collection of kitchen items that are not typically available. Additionally, these items can make fine holiday gifts!

Holiday Meals: Finally, and with more specific regard to the coming holiday season, Marks & Spencer is unique in that it provides you with a diverse selection of entire holiday meals available for purchase. While many families have traditions of cooking Christmas and other holiday meals at home, the convenience of being able to select a menu and have it prepared is a wonderful option to have. These meals offer you a unique way to try new things this holiday season, and to enjoy an extra hearty, celebratory meal or two without any extra work on your own. While walking along London's busy streets, my favorite part of the day is when I passed by M&S to check on the new arrivals of the fresh sections. You cannot imagine the choice of sandwiches, freshly cut fruits, hot bread and ready to eat items at an affordable price. Loved this place so much that I literally tried all of London's locations.

I'm happy that M&S is back in France... waiting eagerly for it to open in Lebanon soon.

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