May 07, 2014

USAid: Lebanon Industry Value Chain Development

The USAID/LIVCD (Lebanon Industry Value Chain Development) Project supported the participation of 20 cooperatives from across Lebanon in the HORECA event. It was an opportunity for these cooperatives to present their delicious and natural products prepared in their rural areas: Pickles, Blossom waters, Vinegar, Jams and Molasses, Keshek, Frikeh, Thyme and sumac, Honey, Olive oil, Free range eggs, and other delicious preparations.

The USAID funded the Lebanon Industry Value Chain Project – LIVCP. The Value Chain Project aims to improve Lebanon’s economic stability and provide opportunities for women and youth in rural areas across Lebanon. LIVCP works in several sectors: grapes, olive oil, apples, pears, processed foods, rural tourism, cherries, avocados, and the producers of a ‘Rural Basket’ which includes honey, thyme, and free range eggs. The project’s initiatives tackle different levels of these value chains, for instance production, processing, and marketing. It aims to increase the competitiveness of selected value chains, expand the number of micro, small and medium enterprises that can compete in selected markets, improve the market and business linkages between those firms and other actors throughout the value chain, increase the gross value of products and services in local and export markets, and expand exports.


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