January 05, 2015 Zahle Bekaa Lebanon Middle East

Visiting Zahle: A Delicious Journey Around the Bekaa Capital

Zahle is one of Lebanon’s gems. Although a long drive away from Beirut city, Zahle is not at all far, especially if you’re looking for something delicious to eat… Zahle has so much delicious food to offer and that’s not all – made and served by loving people who have a constant smile on their faces.


Escape Beirut’s hustle and bustle and head up to Zahle. A ritual to many, you can’t come to the Bekaa without stopping at Chtaura first. We chose to stop at Massabki where Uncle Elias has been rolling sandwiches for the past half-century or so.

Zahlé (also transliterated Zahleh; Lebanese Arabic: زحلة) is the capital and largest city of Beqaa Governorate, Lebanon. With around 50,000 inhabitants, it is the fourth largest city in Lebanon after Beirut, Tripoli and Baalbek, and the fifth largest taking the whole urban area. It is situated 55 km east of the capital Beirut, close to the Beirut-Damascus road, and lies at the junction of the Lebanon mountains and the Beqaa plateau, at a mean elevation of 1000m. Zahlé is known as the "Bride of the Beqaa" and "the Neighbor of the Gorge" due to its geographical location and attractiveness, but also as "the City of Wine and Poetry" It is famous throughout Lebanon and the region for its pleasant climate, numerous riverside restaurants and quality arak. Its inhabitants are predominantly Greek Catholic and known as Zahlawis.

Then we started… It was 7am and we had Arak in our hands… Yes… Join us and spend a beautiful day in Zahle… Take notes and know exactly where to visit when you go to Zahle. 


The places we visited:

  • Masabki: Labneh Sandwiches Breakfast in Chtaura
  • Number One: Bulguary and Kashkawan cheese manakish
  • Salon Des Familles: The Finest Kaak bi 7alib
  • Abou Elias: Mechtah and Manakish
  • Arz Bakery +961 76 570427: Sfi7a Lahme Beajine
  • Bou Hamra: The famous coffee shop in the heart of the city
  • Tanbakji +961 8 808208: Lebanese mezze restaurant
  • Domaine des Tourelles, Arak Brun +961 8 540114: The early raw meat breakfast
  • Couvent Taanayel +961 8 543105: Weekend activities with the family and dairy products shop
  • Chez Charles +961 8 823564: French and International food 
  • Massaad Barbecue +961 8 807677: Tabliyet Massaad sandwiches
  • Georges Massaad +961 8 801037: Foul and Hummos breakfast


See you on our next episode.





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