March 09, 2014 Achrafieh Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Wellness Lunch at éCafé Sursock: Superfood Served in Style and Finesse

Together with a fine selection of people, I was invited to the wellness lunch at Edde Cafe Sursock. Enchanted by a calm musical background of harp, the set up and ambiance were so soothing and enjoyable...while fresh juices provided by "5 a Day" were distributed. I realized, after this tasteful and rich experience, that one can enjoy good healthy food and rich flavors without the guilt... Wellness_e_cafe_edde_Beirut12 Deliciously healthy three-course meals are served daily at éCafé Sursock in Ashrafieh. Prepared by Peruvian Wellness Chef Brisa Deneumostier, the food is designed to restore balance and energy to mind, body and soul. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, New York, Brisa has traveled all over the world to experiment with local cuisine. Her cooking is now not only delicious, but also centered around Ayurvedic healing. No diets, no fads, just thousands of years of expertise in a holistic approach to what you feed your body.

What is Wellness? The healthy balance of mind, body and spirit.
It was 1pm when we all met down in Sursock for a healthy lunch experience. Let's try some healthy juices first to open up our appetite. Ginger, cucumbers, pineapple, pears, red fruits and many others all mixed together to create tasty drinks that are good for the health.
Everything was meticulously prepared - water jars infused with strawberries, lemon and mint, the light and colorful table setup as well as the general ambiance and warm welcoming. It put a smile on my face.
I had a few sips of this fresh water before giving the kitchen a look. It smelled so good and tasted so fresh - a great way to boost the water's molecules and make every person want to drink more. This made me realize that we can simply drink and enjoy pure water if it's prepared differently without having to inhale malicious soft drinks.
In the kitchen I was welcomed by Hussein Dalameh, sous-executive chef at Edde Sands who's worked for four years at Edde before traveling to Egypt during the war in 2006. He then came back to renew his contract for additional years that might never end, trying to serve Edde sands clientele with some tasty creations. He was so happy to have me in his kitchen that he took all the time to explain all dishes, their content and way of preparation.
While guests were ready to be served, I was called out to join:
  • Beets, Pomegranate, Fennel and Cucumber Salad: Supported by three endives leaves, a mixed lettuce salad is decorated with fennel, pomegranate, raw beetroot and pine seeds and served in a bowl plate. A simple creation where every ingredient adds a plus to a boosting lunch. For the seasoning, what other than fresh lemon mixed with Dijon mustard, organic honey and olive oil. A blend of crunchiness follows you in every bite along great textures of the grilled pine nuts and fresh endives and a very interesting sweetness that puts a smile on your face
Wellness_e_cafe_edde_Beirut04 To accompany lunch, I ordered a ginger drink served hot. A soft drink would have spoiled the moment. Tickling your throat, this drink has some interesting flavors that blends well with the wellness lunch. I'll personally change the cup it is served in because it burned by hands
  • Shrimp tartar with avocado and cep dip: Just imagine how simple things can get so creative. Avocado sauce mixed with labneh light, cep powder, lemon zest, lemon and olive oil - on top, the shrimps are simply seasoned with lemon, olive oil and lemon zest crunching in style with the avocado dip caresses your palatal buds. Not only that; add some mixed lettuce, apple fingers with balsamic, lemon, honey and olive oil and toasted sesame seeds. This is simply a wow plate filled with super foods. I could still feel and enjoy the flavors long after I finished.  The avocado consistency is so good and the taste is exquisite
  • Green mango Thai salad: Mango, cucumbers, carrots, cashew nuts, coriander, mint, nuts and sesame seeds seasoned in a five spices sauce with ginger, brown sugar, olive oil, lemon and lemon zest. Just imagine, the crunchiness of the hard mangos, the cucumbers break under your teeth while a burst of flavor adds musical tunes to your palatal buds. A perfectly balanced creation which comes with some nuts for a touch of finesse and style
  • Roasted butternut squash with wild rice: Grilled eggplants with grenadine molasses is served in a round plate and mixed with light Laban, olive oil and salt. Season it with coriander powder and top it with pomegranate, which add a hint of color to the plate. Top that with a mix of wild rice and whole rice, grilled onions, ginger, a hint of garlic, olive oil, fresh mushroom, porcini mushrooms and pumpkin. A dozen ingredients all-blending perfectly well in one single plate. This is not a plate you can eat everyday. I miss those sumptuous creations where every bite is an exercise to the brain, discovering and feeling every ingredient by itself. To end this trip of discoveries, some Laban light enriched with mint and some decorative grilled almonds will make you wow.
  • Frikeh & Quinoa with chicken: Chicken, garlic powder, lemon zest, ginger, olive oil, white vinegar, lemon juice and crushed pepper served on a bed of Quinoa, frikeh, chopped onions, artichoke and served with light Laban. Simply breathtaking!
  • Grilled fish with mango salsa, cauliflower puree with amaranths and zucchini stir fry: Just imagine, a cauliflower puree mixed with lemon zest and perfectly seasoned with salt and pepper supporting a large piece of grilled and juicy sea bass. Add to that some olive oil, few vegetables and prepare yourself to enjoy something rich, healthy and light. To make things even more sumptuous, adding to the plate a hint of sweetness are some mango cubes, red pepper, sumac, mint, parsley, ginger and a lemon zest. Ingredients are fresh and rich in taste and flavor.
Wellness_e_cafe_edde_Beirut31 Lunch was coming to an end, tasting a plate after the other all prepared to perfection and tasting extraordinary good. Was not expecting to be even more amazed by the desserts...
  • Vegan Chocolate mousse: Beautifully presented, this plate is like no other I've ever had before. Rich, dark and strong chocolate mousse that's just perfect and healthy at the same time. The chocolate mousse is mixed with fresh avocado, cacao, organic honey and vanilla. No milk, no eggs and no sugar. Served with strawberries and mango, this dessert is not to be missed. A subtle crunchy feeling ends every bite in style. I simply loved it!
  • Clementine and Pomegranate Jelly: Clementine juice and pomegranate juice jelly, served with half a strawberry and some crushed pistachio. Colorful perfected simplicity! Bravo
I was honestly impressed by the innovation put into every dish. Fresh ingredients are literally felt in every bite. Who said tasty food should be filled with guilt? Edde Sands and Edde Cafe now offer this innovative wellness menu every day as well as propose special wellness treatments for more prolonged periods.





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