June 24, 2015

Which Wine Will Make Your Steak Taste Better?

Properly pairing wine with food can truly transform a meal. Written by Adam Stevens of Corr Chilled exclusively for Social Vignerons, this comprehensive infographic can make your meals taste better...giving you an overview of which types of food to pair with which wine as well as what temperature to serve these different wines at.

The pairings suggested in the infographic are mere guidelines, there are no set in stone rules for wine pairings, everyone’s taste buds are different and matching food and wine is a matter of personal taste. That being said they have paired food and wine based on the technicalities of both the food group and the wine. For example, the tannins in a Cabernet Sauvignon combine with the protein in steak to create a lush, flavourful taste, and the steak’s proteins soften the Cabernet’s tannins.





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