November 25, 2014

World's Most Expensive Gingerbread House With Real Rubies and Pearls

A pastry chef, Georgia Green, is willing to recreate your own home as an edible gingerbread house that replaces jellybeans and fruit jellies with sea pearls and a ruby, for the princely sum of nearly $78,000.


If you’re looking for a Christmas centerpiece that will get tongues wagging this year, luxury British online retailer VeryFirstTo has partnered with pastry chef Georgia Green to launch a holiday package that would involve building a gingerbread replica of your own home.

And unlike regular gingerbread houses which end in nothing more than crumbs, customers will have 150 AAAA-grade South Sea Pearls and a 5-carat unheated Mozambique Ruby to show for it after the holidays. To justify the hefty price tag -- around $77,910, which in some parts of the world could buy an actual brick and mortar home -- the house would also be made with premium ingredients like Ceylon cinnamon, Duchy eggs and Echire butter from France.

Original Article: nydailynews and for more details on this exclusive gingerbread cake check out VeryFirstTo.


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