May 15, 2016 North Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Zgharta: The Village of Happiness!

On the day we visited Zgharta, I was surely not walking... Flying from happiness and excitement, a large smile wouldn't leave my face for a minute. On this day I discovered a beautiful village inhabited by lovely people living rich traditional values learned from their ancestors. Proudly from Zgharta, I learned a lot, enjoyed a lot and hoped to visit soon.

Zgharta is a large town in North Lebanon, with an estimated population of around 90,000. Zgharta is about 150 metres above sea level and lies between the rivers of Jouit and Rashein. It is 23 kilometres from Ehden, 11 kilometres from the coastal city of Tripoli and 88,7 kilometres from the capital of Lebanon, Beirut. Its history and people are closely associated with the village of Ehden. Most of the citizens of Zgharta have houses in Ehden where they spend the summer.

It is the seat of Zgharta District (Qadaa' Zgharta). Zgharta is closely related to the mountain town of Ehden, essentially sharing the same population. Each summer, most of the people in Zgharta move to spend their summer in Ehden; this is reversed in winter when Ehden is practically deserted. Zghartawis speak the Lebanese dialect with a distinctive accent, the original Syriac accent applied on Arabic language. Syriac was taught in local schools till the mid 1900s.

Where to go in Zgharta:

  • Angela (croissant) 06661106- 03728858
  • Fouad jerr Doueihy sweets 03307447
  • Saint John (mar youhanna)
  • Fern Sayed Zakhia Doueihy 06660722
  • Bchara Sweets 06661583
  • Rahje Fern
  • Saydet zgharta
  • Paola Akkary (Gestures from the Heart)
  • Zaghloul chawarma 06661320
  • Tofanos Antonios Kanaan 06662675
  • Escobar 70664007
  • Restaurant Pinch 06668698 03823900
  • My friends 06660008
  • Addiction 03245926
  • Soutou Restaurant merdechiye 03456458
  • Riviera Restaurant merdechiye 03751989
  • Bnachii Lake
  • Hamid Catering 71676563





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