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2013: Best Casual Burger in Lebanon

I love burgers to the extent that I don't mind eating these little pieces of heaven every day. Mind you though, not all burgers are good and not all burgers are made properly. Is is not as simple as one would imagine. One this is for sure is that a good burger requires passion and a lot of know how to be achieve the perfect combination. Check out the  best 10 burgers I enjoyed in town, some of which are a bit over-priced but worth it... NoGarlicNoOnions_Top10_Restaurant_Reviews_Lebanon LVD: Still Serving Premium Quality Meat & Burgers

After my first visit to LVD I couldn’t hide my amazement and appreciation towards this one of a kind diner with a review some criticized as too positive. I wanted what I consider one of my favorite diners just to see if my thoughts are still in place and to prove to others that it is indeed »more… LVD_latest_Version_Diner_Lebanon37

Back to Marky’s… Tasting and Testing the Cheeseburger

Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. My six senses drove me towards Marky’s Philly Joint, the place where I discovered the best burger in Lebanon. I just had to go again and have that burger that’s been on my mind a while now. After writing my review a couple of weeks ago about »more… Markys_Mkalles_Philly_Steak49 Classic Burger Joint: A Burger’s Portrait
Days are passing, the world is improving and Lebanon’s culinary sector is raising the bar higher and higher. Just close your eyes and remember what we used to eat couple of years ago. Where could we find the best burger? Did we ever ask for Augus beef? The Pain D’Or bread was the highest quality available. Organic »more… Classic_Burger_Joint_Lebanon67 Crepaway: The Next Best Thing
Was I harsh on Crepaway for the last couple of years? Did I say things I was not not supposed to have said about this diner that was one of the first to open in the country? Honestly, I don’t think I was. Since Roadster opened couple of years ago, Crepaway didn’t stop to plunge »more… Crepaway_Diner_Beirut_Lebanon39 Rich Colors and Flavors at Yellow Table, Dbayeh
It’s been clear for a while that the Dbayeh area has stolen the hype from other parts of the country, like Gemmayze for example. The area has become a popular dining hub boasting by a number of unique restaurants. I have tried many of them so far, yet I have taken the time to try »more…


Roadster’s 15th Anniversary Burger: The Route 66
Most of us have been hearing the buzz around the new burger launched by Roadster Diner in celebration of their 15th anniversary. “A must try” almost everyone says. I was super intrigued to try it of course. Here I am, at the Downtown Beirut branch – and all I wanted was this to see, taste, »more… Roadster_Diner_Route66_R66_Burger35 Deek Duke, For Chicken Lovers and More
From the same people who brought you the famous Roadster Diner, Deek Duke is the trendy chicken reference in town. Want to enjoy a nice chicken dish in a middle eastern diner-like ambiance, than Deek Duke is your must try. Went to Deek Duke after years of break wondering what will the new experience be, »more… Deek_Duke_Chicken_Achrafieh_Beirut44 Lunch at Work? Captain Cook is Tasty, Generous and Affordable
I’ve already been to Captain Cook a couple months ago and decided to pass by again to discover a wider choice of those “Superfoods” that can help my body all by being tasty and fulfilling at the same time. Captain Cook is a new concept in town, offering what they call ‘superfoods’ at very affordable »more… Captain_Cook_Restaurant_Beirut39 One Burger Bite, More than Twenty Different Flavors
As its name suggests, Burger Bites is a popular place where small burger bites are served. Located right after Monot Theater, this tiny place has a lot of potential, but some details must be attended to immediately. As a first impression, it was bad. I was welcomed by an overwhelming smell of frying oil as »more… Yumi_Sushi_Japanese_Beirut50 Shake Shack: A New Kind of Burger has Landed in Lebanon
Shake Shack’s New York’s famous burger place has finally opened in Beirut earlier this month at the Beirut City Centre. Shake Shack is a restaurant chain serving hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries, milkshakes and frozen custard. The chain currently has twenty restaurants in the United States, eight of them in New York City. Additionally, there are currently nine international locations of which Beirut is the latest. Leaving »more…






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Before Ordering That Burger: Take a Selfie with your iPhone


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