August 12, 2022

5 Tips and Tricks for Cooking on a Camping Trip

There are many joys in camping to make your time outside will be better, such as cooking. Cooking while camping may be difficult, but there are ways to help.

Spending time outside in the great outdoors is a great way to feel the presence of nature and get some fresh air. Your experience will also depend on your activities, such as cooking, but cooking on a camping trip may present some challenges. Fortunately, some hacks and tricks help you cook during your time camping and make the trip even better.

Make Every Scrap of Food Count

While you’re away from home, it’s important to use all your resources and not let any go to waste. Food is one of your most valuable resources anywhere you go, and you should eat every last scrap. If you have any leftovers from your meals, pack them up and save them for later. If you have any dredgings or bits from the food you’ve prepared, try to cook them in another meal as an additional source of flavor.

Start a Fire and Keep It Going Before You Cook

Your fire is an essential source of the heat you need to cook food. You want a nice fire that is live and well-maintained, so you’ll need to give it time after it’s reached its potential to ensure it won’t go out soon. Once the flames remain strong for at least 15 minutes, you may proceed to add your cookware and foods to the firepit.

Precook Foods at Home Before Bringing Them to the Firepit

Some foods are challenging to make over a fire or take too long to cook. A helpful trick that some van campers use to make camping easier is to prepare some food before hitting the road. Meats will need a reliable source of heat to ensure that any bacteria burns, and a campfire isn’t always the best choice. Cooking meats enough at home to eliminate any potential health risks so you can cook on the open floor at the camp will be enough to enjoy them outdoors.

Foil Packets Are Helpful Tools

Using foil to cook your meals over the campfire is a nice trick to make camp cooking easier. Wrapping the food in foils will make a tiny Dutch oven that traps the food in heat and causes it to bake. You may need to check the interior of your food to ensure it has thorough cooking, but the foil will handle multiple times in the heat.

Cast Iron Skillets Will Help Cook More

Cast iron skillets will handle extreme heat and hold much food over the fire. Use the cast iron skillet to make a nice stew, fry meats, and cook vegetables to make a great meal for you and anyone around you.

Cooking is a great activity that will leave you feeling satisfied when you enjoy the result. Cooking while camping is a fun challenge, and with these tips, you will enjoy your trip more easily.

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