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Celebrate Armenian Culture in Bourj Hammoud
Apr 10, 2018

Celebrate Armenian culture this Sunday in Bourj Hammoud. Street food, kids entertainment, Fun, superb Armenian food and much more to satisfy everyone. A premiere for…


Bourj Hammoud; Like You've Never Seen it Before...

Kempinski Summerland Hosts Michelin Star Chef at Candelabra


April 13, 2018 | News | Lebanon

In line with Kempinski commitment to bring exceptional experiences from all over the world to its guests in Lebanon, Kempinski Summerland hosts the French Michelin Star Chef Frederic Chabbert, owner of The Dôme in Belgium and one of…

Masterclass with the Italian Chef Paolo Amadori in Beirut


September 22, 2017 | News

ITA – the Italian Trade Agency, Beirut office, in collaboration with ALMA, the International School of Italian Cuisine and IGE, Institut de Gestion des Entreprises - Université Saint Joseph, will be hosting a two days…

Living Abroad, An Easy Way to Remember the Flavors of Lebanon


September 08, 2017

Discover the taste of home with some of Lebanon’s most famous dishes.

Michelin Starred Chef Peter Joseph Cooks Indian at Hussein Hadid in Beirut


June 29, 2017 | Reviews | Lebanon

I had a dream that one day I'd get to enjoy an evening with Hussein Hadid in the kitchen. It was a dream that turned into reality... I entered into Hadid's world a while ago as I met him in London at the opening of Brgr.Co and today I'm back…

Hummus: Mix Chickpeas with Tahina, Lemon and Olive Oil...


May 13, 2017 | News

Simple but glorious, Hummus has become the darling dip for vast populations of foodies throughout Europe, America and Canada. It has long been a staple dish in Lebanese cuisine and is iconic of the healthy-yet-yummy essence of Lebanese…

13 Simple Cooking Mistakes You Should Avoid Making


March 30, 2017

Everyone has their own approach to cooking. Maybe you like to keep it simple, or perhaps you like to try something more adventurous once in a while. But whatever your standard as a cook, it only takes one little mistake to ruin a meal. How can you…

Beirut Cooking Festival 2016


November 16, 2016

The much-anticipated sixth edition of the Beirut Cooking Festival is Lebanon’s event which brings together trade professionals and consumers who share a passion for the gastronomy. Beirut’s annual cooking festival features…

Chef Bruno Sohn Visits Le Gray Beirut


November 15, 2016

Some people dream of buying a house, a bag or whatever, but my dream is to meet as many chefs as I possibly can and to meet them while they are in action in their kitchen... Tonight one of my dreams came true. I was invited for the first time to…

OTTO: An Intelligent Kitchen

Food Gadgets

May 23, 2016

The OTTO smart-kitchen system’s aim is to provide healthy meals and an enhanced food experience that embraces preferences, the user’s schedule, and social moments in the home. The design introduces smart user-centered…

A Day at the Convent: The Day My Life Changed...

Mechwar Videos

April 08, 2016 | Spotted Stories | Lebanon

This is the day my life changed, the day I visited Deir Saydet el Bechara, a convent in the beautiful Northern side of Lebanon. It's the day when I witnessed another side of life, a more genuine side where materialistic things and money have no…

Spray on Some Butter Over that Toast...

Food Gadgets

March 12, 2016

The Biem Butter Sprayer is something to know more about. The load and spray mechanism allows you to insert a any full stick of butter into the product and use it as a spray in seconds without any chemical or artificial propellants, just heat…

Split Frypan: Dual-function Cookware

Food Gadgets

January 11, 2016

Split Frypan is the new standard in dual-function cookware that can be used as both the pan and the plate! There are slots on the sides of the design’s base to lock the bottom plate so that the plate will not fall off or leak during…

Make Perfect Rice in Just Three Steps


November 11, 2015

Trying to figure out just how much water to use when making rice takes experience, and if you don't have said experience then you might be left with a sloppy final product; the Wash Rice Cooker by Seung Ho Choi is designed to offer users a…

Les Rencontres Gourmandes de la Méditerranée au Môle Passedat: Liban


October 23, 2015

Chaque année, pendant un mois, Chef Gerald Passedat ouvrira les portes de sa cuisine à un chef du bassin méditerranéen. Pour la première année, Gérald…

5th Beirut Cooking Festival


October 20, 2015 | News

Meet celebrity chefs and food lovers... Attend 20 cooking workshops... Sharpen your kitchen skills... We will be there for three consecutive days so meet us there.  

Semaine de la Gastronomie Libanaise dans C à Vous sur France 5


October 16, 2015 | Press

Records d'audience! Du 5 au 9 octobre s'est déroule la Semaine de la Gastronomie libanaise dans C à Vous sur France 5, un talk-show d'une heure animé par Anne-Sophie Lapix et diffusé en live et en prime time…

Colorful Cookware Brightens Up Your Kitchen

Food Gadgets

June 21, 2015

Dari Home, a designer kitchenware brand brings customers a well-designed practical product. Each vessel is crafted with highest quality stainless steel bottom and handles that ensures safety while cooking at high temperatures. The engineering is…

Infographic: 13 Best Cooking Shortcuts

Spotted Stories

June 08, 2015

Love to cook but short on time? Home cooking doesn’t need to be a laborious affair – you can still make healthy meals from scratch with a few simple cooking shortcuts. 13 Best Cooking Shortcuts To Save Time In The Kitchen…

You're Not You When You're Hungry


April 24, 2015

Adweek: For a campaign that's five years old, Snickers' "You're Not You When You're Hungry" is having quite the creative renaissance this year. The Super Bowl ad was fantastic (as was the New York City billboard that teased it).…

A Night with the Master: In the Kitchen with Hussein Hadid...


March 29, 2015 | Reviews | Lebanon

It was a special night. One of my favorite people in the gastronomy world, Chef Hussein Hadid was being awarded the “Prix du Chef de l'Avenir" by l'Académie Internationale de la Gastronomie (AIG). To celebrate the occasion, the…

Elica: A New Approach on Hoods with a Design Touch


March 25, 2015

Elica is a world leader in the design and manufacture of range hoods for domestic use, Elica is movement and stability, expertise and curiosity, revolution and solidity. Since the start of its adventure in the 70s, the company has cultivated the…

A Toast Oven and Two Hotplates in One for the Small Kitchen


March 22, 2015

The SEVERIN Toast Oven with two hobs is ideal for cooking meals quickly in environments where space is at a premium. Practical for small flats/bed sits, for students in halls, or in office kitchens where a full-size oven cannot be accommodated.…

Herb Guide to Cooking Vegetarian

Spotted Stories

March 22, 2015

The right combination of herbs and spices can make or break a dish. In this infographic you'll see which herbs should be on your cupboard shelf and which ingredients work well together. Fresh herbs can alter and enhance the flavor of any dish. To…

Magnetic Table Trivet

Food Gadgets

February 18, 2015

This stylish Table Trivet is lime green has a central magnet that ensures the trivet remains attached to the casserole dish, pan or other hot metal serving dish. This makes it possible to rest a hot pan on any surface and makes it easier to…

Happy Birthday Tawlet: Where Cooking is the Only Language and Lebanon is the Only Cause

Lebanese/Middle Eastern

November 09, 2014 | Recommended | Beirut

"Always Uniting Lebanon Through Food" Fadya, Rima, Suzanne, Georgina, Nada, Em Amer, Anna, Saydeh, Ibtissam... Kamal and good old me in the middle... enjoyed a wonderful lunch together celebrating a truly special occasion - the fifth anniversary of…

Contact Info: Tawlet, Beirut

Phone Number: +961-1-448129

Address: Sector 79, Naher Street, Mar Mikhael, Facing Spoiler Center, Beirut, Lebanon [ view ]

Phone Number: +961-1-448129

Address: Sector 79, Naher Street, Mar Mikhael, Facing Spoiler Center, Beirut, Lebanon [ view ]

In the Kitchen with Crepaway's Chefs

Spotted Stories

October 29, 2014 | Lebanon

Recently, I was invited by Crepway to live the kitchen experience. Alongside fellow bloggers and food lovers, Crepaway Zalka’s kitchen doors were wide open for the occasion. Chef Elie, Chef Gebran, Chef Mano and the band, a wide smile on…

Contact Info: Crepaway

Phone Number: +961 9 637638

Address: Sahel Alma, Jounieh Highway, Keserwan, Lebanon [ view ]

Phone Number: +961 9 637638

Address: Sahel Alma, Jounieh Highway, Keserwan, Lebanon [ view ]

Beirut Cooks: A Book Inside the Homes of the Capital


October 10, 2014

Beirut Cooks is a unique cookbook that features a wide variety of people from all walks of life. Author Pascale Habis introduces us to artists, creatives, writers, entrepreneurs and business people—cooks and food enthusiasts…

Les Recettes de Georgette: Libanaises et Traditionnelles


September 22, 2014

Les Recettes de Georgette est un livre de recettes libanaises traditionnelles, héritées de mère en fille au fil des générations. La cuisine c’est facile! Et la cuisine libanaise aussi! Les…

The 2014 Beirut Cooking Festival


September 15, 2014

The Beirut Food Festival will take place at Biel for 3 mouth-watering days of food and drink. This event brings together the very best in irresistible cuisine, magnificent wines, spirits, top celebrity chefs and fantastic shopping.  The show…

A Crash-Course in Knife Anatomy

Spotted Stories

August 01, 2014

With all the books and blogs dedicated to the art of food, most focus exclusively on recipes. But while ingredients matter in the concoction of delicious and impressive meals, a solid knowledge of kitchen tools is also important. Readers of this…

Universal Cookbook Stand

Food Gadgets

July 26, 2014

Whether you prefer to following recipe from a cookbook or a tablet, you’ll find this slim Universal cookbook stand to be a useful addition to your kitchen. It’s made to hold your book or tablet at a perfect viewing angle, features a full conversion…

The World Cup Through the Eyes of a Foodie


July 24, 2014

Now that the World Cup is over and we all know who the winner is, we can relax... but let's recap with some highlights the NGNO way... We posted a series of fun posters depicting some wins and losses through the month with food and…

How to Recreate 36 World Cuisines With 3 Spices

Spotted Stories

June 28, 2014

Designed by the people at Data Dial and published by Kit Stone, this is an essential guide for any lover of cooking. You don't need to struggle through recipe books to recreate your favorite cuisine - this graphic shows you the minimum you need to…

Have a Cupcake and See What Your Future Holds

Food Gadgets

June 07, 2014

Today's your lucky day - you've got a cupcake with a surprise inside! These Fortune Cakes Cupcake Molds hold a special message printed right on the bottom, under all the deliciousness... They'll provide you with words of prophetic wisdom such as:…

Buffet Dinner at Radisson Blu, Tala Bay - Al Aqaba

International Cuisine

June 03, 2014 | Restaurants | Middle East

I've always been a fan of buffets at hotels. It helps in rating the stay from its culinary side, which I think is the most important aspect. A good buffet reflects professional staff, an organized kitchen and a dedicated team working with…

Salon el 3a2ilat, Zahle: Lebanon's Finest Kaak b 7alib

Desserts & Sweets

May 21, 2014 | Popular | Bekaa

I’d last been to Zahle more than two years ago and the flavors of their Kaak b Halib hadn’t left my memory. I can still remember their texture, their smell, their aroma and rich content. The morning I decided to head down to Bekaa, the…

Dad Creates Educational Pancakes For His Kids

Spotted Stories

May 14, 2014

Nathan Shields, a talented illustrator and math teacher currently living as a stay-at-home dad in Saipan, will teach you just how awesome it can be to play with your food. He uses his expert illustration skills to create surprisingly detailed…

Prune: Where Simplicity is Mastered to Perfection


May 11, 2014 | Recommended | Beirut

Coming back to Prune was a necessity... I've been hearing very positive feedback about Prune for a while, so reviewing it again, and enjoying its great food, was common sense. Let me tell you a story before we start. A friend of mine, and a fan…

My Latest Discovery: Thin and Mouthwatering Sablés

Tasty Discoveries

May 09, 2014

Last week we were planning to meet up some friends for breakfast. There was also a little more to it than that, because I had been promised a gift, something tasty they told me. Joe, with a share the passion for good things, had called the week…

La Petite Maison: In the Kitchen with Chef Patron Raphael Dontoye

Spotted Stories

April 25, 2014 | Lebanon

It was the next natural step, after London and Dubai, for the Nice-born La Petite Maison to open up in Beirut. With to a large dedicated community of Lebanese living in the South of France, Beirut, the city, didn’t need much introduction,…

Contact Info: La Petite Maison, Beirut

Phone Number: + 961 1 999 380

Address: M1 Building, Minet El Hosn, Omar Daouk Street, Beirut, Lebanon [ view ]

Phone Number: + 961 1 999 380

Address: M1 Building, Minet El Hosn, Omar Daouk Street, Beirut, Lebanon [ view ]

Multitasking Just Got Easier With Nuke

Food Gadgets

April 12, 2014

Meet the future of cooking with Nuke. This innovative system allows you complete control of the process all from the convenience of their smartphone. The app also offers a database of recipes to choose from... after you choose one, just follow…

I Was in Lala Land: In the Kitchen with Nicolas Audi

Spotted Stories

March 02, 2014 | Tasty Discoveries | Lebanon

It was 11am when I reached Rabieh club. Ms. Joelle welcomed me into the wide kitchens, "Good morning Anthony, come with me, he is waiting for you." We took the elevators and went down to meet the grand master himself; Nicolas Audi.…

Slicing Cherry Tomatoes in Half is Easier than You Think

Spotted Stories

February 03, 2014

Slicing cherry tomatoes individually can be kind of time consuming. While we're never opposed to just eating them whole, sometimes you've got to slice into them. Here's a quick tip for halving handfuls of cherry tomatoes at a time, using a few…

Wonderbag: The Revolutionary Slow-Cooker

Food Gadgets

January 08, 2014

Featured on CNN, The Times, Huffington Post and glossy magazines like Cosmopolitan, Wonderbag is something of the future. Created by Sarah Collins, who remembered seeing her grandmother put towels around pots after cooking and used the same…

Special Mail Delivery From Your Favorite Chefs

Spotted Stories

December 14, 2013

If you love cooking, then this will be a great gift for you. Throw in some hints here and there and make sure they add your name to the mailing list... actual letters that get delivered by a post man. Imagine receiving two recipes and two…

The World of Nestlé at The Beirut Cooking Festival 2013

Spotted Stories

November 13, 2013

During the 2013 Beirut Cooking Festival, one of the biggest stands centered in the middle of Biel's Exhibition Center was Maggi. An interesting and attractive set up where cooking was ongoing as they offered tasty bites to visitors all day long. I…

A Skully Sunny Side Up

Food Gadgets

November 13, 2013

The skull trend seems to have found itself in the kitchen even with Fred and Friends. Start your day with a fried side of fun! Funny Side Up is a handy frame that shapes and molds two eggs into attractive egg art- and in this case a…

Create The Shape That Suits Your Event: Ribbon Adjustable Baking Pan

Food Gadgets

November 11, 2013

Sick of pancake-thin brownies because your pan was too large or just tired of having more batter than your small pan can fit? Let Ribbon expand the ways you bake! The Ribbon is a modular baking pan that allows you to control the shape and the size…

TSC Signature: A Paradise for Foodies

Spotted Stories

September 25, 2013 | Tasty Discoveries

I used to wait to travel to France to spend endless hours at signature gourmet shops like La Grande Episserie de Paris or Lafayette Gourmet... simply to give my senses a treat. I recently discovered that I can do the same in Lebanon - TSC Signature.…

Contact Info: TSC Signature

Phone Number: +961 1 993 170

Address: Souk Sayyour, Beirut Souks, Downtown Beirut, Lebanon [ view ]

Phone Number: +961 1 993 170

Address: Souk Sayyour, Beirut Souks, Downtown Beirut, Lebanon [ view ]

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