August 07, 2021

What’s The Best Substitute For Anise in Cooking?

Are you all out of anise at home or cannot find it on the local markets? Here is the list of the best substitute for anise with the same flavor.

Anise seeds are native Pimpinellaanisumplants of Mediterranean Europe and Asia. They have a tender licorice taste. Are you fond of baking? Then, you may probably have anise in your spice cabinet in the kitchen. Found out that it is all over? First of all, let us decide whether you really need a substitute for anise in your recipe. Many spicy recipes contain various spices like cinnamon, fennel, or cloves. If anise goes in this combination, you may omit it. Though, if it is the main spice in the recipe, like in Italian biscotti, you have to look for what substitute for anise is available.

So, how can we substitute anise seeds in the kitchen?

The Best Substitute for Anise: Star Anise

Star anise has the same licorice flavor and partially shares the same name, but these plants are not relatives. Star anise goes from Asian trees, while anise seeds grow in Europe in small bushes. Anise is more expensive than star anise, but it is a variant when you can substitute anise for anise almost without any flavor changes. Star anise also has a positive effect on digestion, so you can benefit not only in flavor.

Use 2 stars of star anise instead of 1 teaspoon of anise seeds.

The Closest Relative: Fennel Seeds

Another good substitute for anise! Fennel seeds are from the same Apiaceae family as anise seeds. They are flower seeds and have almost the same licorice flavor so that they can be interchangeable. Fennel seeds are a great substitute for anise seeds in most cases, but they work better with savory dishes like Italian pasta sauces or sausages. Fennel extract can also dominate when you need a substitute for anise extract for more intense licorice flavor in one spoon, for example, for apple cider. It is one of the substitutes for star anise as well.

Use one teaspoon of fennel seeds for the same amount of anise seeds.

Stronger Brother: Caraway Seeds

Caraway seeds go from the same flower seeds as fennel and anise seeds and obtain the same licorice taste. Caraway has other names like meridian fennel and Persian cumin. They are mostly used in rye bread in great combination with its yeasty and pepper notes. So, you can use them as a substitute for anise in baking. Caraway seeds are the best substitute for star anise in cooking when it goes about such dishes as pork meat or tomato soups.

The exchange substitute proportion is 1 to 1.

Licorice Root Powder

The licorice root powder is similar to anise seeds in flavor. In fact, sweet licorice candies usually contain more anise extract than licorice. Licorice powder can be a substitute for anise and sweet dishes, poultry, and pork dishes.

Replace anise seeds in 1:1 proportion.

Chinese Five-Spice Powder

The five spices in this popular Chinese powder are cinnamon, fennel, cloves, star anise, and pepper. Sometimes, we can find the other spices in the mixture, but the traditional mix is the mentioned. So, as you can see, two ingredients, fennel, and star anise have the necessary licorice flavor. You can substitute anise seeds with this powder in the dishes where you do not need a mono spice with licorice flavor. Keep in mind that it has sweet tones due to cinnamon at the base.

Use one teaspoon of the powder instead of the same amount of anise seeds.

Ground Cloves

It is another substitute for anise seeds! Clove tree unopened flower buds are dried and used as a spice for a number of dishes. You can add them as a whole or ground. The flavor is very strong and reminds licorice as well, though it is sweeter with a bitter note.

Replace anise seeds in 1:1 proportion.

The Finals

You can substitute anise seeds with various spices with licorice flavor. At least one of them can be in your local grocery. Remember that some of them are better for cooking more than for baking. For baking, it is better to use original anise seeds.

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