March 13, 2022

The Lebanese Mouneh Revolution Lands in Paris: Le Doukane

There is a revolution happening in Lebanon. A Mouneh revolution. Yes, Mouneh. These handmade local products are derived from the Lebanese land, made by Lebanese hands, in Lebanese villages, with a whole lot of love and pride.

Mouneh is the historical practice of preserving perishable produce and turning it into foods with a long shelf-life. It was practiced historically in remote villages to ensure they had enough food stores to get them through the harsh winter months.  


Times have evolved considerably since, making food in all forms accessible much more readily nowadays. Despite this, the Mouneh culture is still alive and well in Lebanon. In fact, it is thriving. That’s testament to the will of the Lebanese to maintain this connection with their land. But it’s also a testament to the revolutionaries behind this revolution, Anthony Rahayel, as he has played a critical role in empowering and supporting the small Lebanese producer to succeed. 

The Mouneh Revolution in Lebanon began a number of years ago. Anthony and Marc joined forced mid-way through their respective Mouneh journeys, bringing to life their vision for the biggest Mouneh hub in the world – branded MadebyNature, officially opened in February 2022 and located on the Kaslik, Seaside in the former Brands-For-Less building. 

Fast forward a month later, and the Mouneh Revolution has landed in Paris. This time Lebanese Michelin Star chef Alan Geaam, based in Paris, and owner of several fine dining restaurants and eateries in Paris including Qasti and Saj La Galette Libanaise, has joined the revolution along with Anthony and Nell Rahayel, to bring to life Le Doukane – a store that’s brought the Lebanese village to Paris for all to enjoy and experience. 

Le Doukane opened its doors to the public on Thursday this week and is located at 212 Rue Saint-Martin, Paris. Le Doukane transports you to the Lebanese village. The taste, aromas and atmosphere of the Lebanese village, in the middle of Paris! Le Doukane is the result of many long months of planning and tireless efforts by numerous people and while it’s not possible to list them all, May Traboulsi has to be called out as does Nell Rahayel for their tremendous efforts. These are some of the names of the key people behind the Mouneh Revolution. 


The Mouneh Revolution has enabled the local economy to thrive. But it’s these revolutionists who have provided the means and support to the small local producers to enable their products to reach the widest consumer market possible. It’s now your turn to join the Mouneh Revolution wherever you are, by visiting Le Doukane in-store if you’re in Paris, or MadebyNature in Kaslik if you’re in Lebanon, or by ordering online through the MadebyNature online store at  for delivery to your family and friends all over Lebanon.   

Le Doukane Opening Video

MadebyNature Location in Lebanon

Le Doukane Location in Paris 


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