December 11, 2021

Chef Secrets: Tips to Cooking Nutritious Meals

At first, making a shift toward healthy cooking can seem a bit confusing. An experiment in the kitchen with these must-know tips for cooking nutritious meals!

For some people, cooking and wellness go together, since healthy eating often requires the culinary arts. If you want to make your food healthier, try a few of these beginner tips for cooking nutritious meals. With suggestions from the experts, you can continue enjoying all your favorite flavors while fueling your body with healthy meals.

Use More Herbs

Many of us add salt to recipes, but too much can raise blood pressure and otherwise impair your health. Rather than add salt to a dish, consider using different spices or herbs for enhanced flavor instead.

Buy New Appliances

Thanks to our ever-changing world, we now have various ways to cook. Consider utilizing an air-fryer to add some crisp rather than deep-frying foods. Additionally, you may want to weigh the differences between microwaves and steam ovens; a steam oven allows you to cook food without removing natural vitamins. Now’s also the time to invest in new cookware, knives, and cutting boards to keep cooking fun.

Plan Meals

At the beginning of the week, take the time to create a schedule for what you’ll cook and when. This time-saving technique helps you keep healthy eating enjoyable. Most people don’t want to cook complicated meals after long days of work; however, you get the best of both worlds if you prepare something nutritious and delicious ahead of time. Keep your meals simple on busy days so that cooking doesn’t become a chore.

Buy a Cookbook

Make preparing meals simple with a new cookbook packed with delicious ideas. But before you buy anything, get an idea of what recipes are inside. Cookbooks can have great ideas, but preparing the meals might be a bit complicated. Similarly, some recipes include ingredients that are hard to get ahold of.

Don’t Eliminate Certain Foods

One of the most important tips for cooking nutritious meals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to remember that no food is “bad.” Food is fuel, and some foods are simply more nutritious than others. For example, healthy cooking doesn’t mean avoiding cooking oil. The right oils are wonderful sources of natural fats, so aim to use coconut, olive, or avocado oil anytime your recipe calls for it. And yes, you can still enjoy a cookie after your healthy dinner—by treating yourself, you’re truly making this a lifestyle choice. And that’s what healthy eating and cooking are really about.

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