November 12, 2013

A Microwave Cooler? 45 Seconds for a Chilled Drink

Surely it has happened to you... you open the fridge to discover that you haven't set aside any canned beverage/juice/beer ... op to chill. Even if you were to put some in the freezer, it would still be at least 10 or 15 minutes before it was good and cold. "Why isn't there something like a microwave cooler?" you find yourself wondering. Well, there soon could be, in the form of the V-Tex – although it will incorporate vortexes instead of microwaves. v-tex-4 Rapidcoo under the name V-Tex, an innovative project supported by European Union research funding, aims at reducing the energy requirements for cooling drinks at the point of sale, saving retailers’ money and ultimately helping the environment. The outcome is a low energy use, low-cost rapid cooling technology that enables pre-packed beverages to be stored at ambient temperature and then rapidly chilled. reverse-microwave-chills-beer Rapidcool focuses on the problem of chilling small quantities on demand, taking away the need for heavily stocked chillers to run continuously in order to supply ‘cooled’ drinks during opening hours. To cool the beverage in the fastest way possible without the outer layers of liquid freezing before the inner liquid is cooled, the liquid needs to be efficiently mixed. The key to Rapidcool's now patented V-Tex technology is the way the drink is agitated without causing it to fizz when opened. Although designed to work as a stand-alone unit, the cooling chamber can also be integrated into existing self-serve chillers. This has proved a real innovation and could potentially replace most, if not all, open-cabinet-style drinks fridges used around the world. I wouldn't mind having one
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