January 16, 2020 Lebanon Middle East

Baking with Maman Chocolat: Buche de Noel and Mont Blanc Cakes

MAMAN CHOCOLAT: “The smell of my grandma’s kitchen when she uses to bake is one of the things that marked me the most in my childhood… I was never a baker or a cook and rarely tried cooking before I got married back in 2010. After I got married I entered my small kitchen and thought I can do something here! This is how it all started. Preparing my first meal (Stuffed Squash) was long but fun and made me want to try new things, trying from the simplest salads to the most complicated dish. It is not before a few months that I finally decided to buy a cake pan and tried my first basic cake.

I can’t recall what the cake was but the next day I went to buy other mold round and bundt… then it all went naturally going from a simple whisk to a hand mixer to a kitchen aid, from small spatula to series of a professional one, from one pipping tip to a box and so much more! I found myself in a year baking things I never thought I could do like layer cakes, mille feuille, éclair, macaron… At that point, I realized how much I love baking. So here I am a few years later, I somewhere along the way became Maman Chocolat, a passionate home baker, mom of 3 boys trying to revive the smell of my grandmother’s kitchen through simple yet delicious recipes. Hoping that one day my kids will also remember the smell of the kitchen and smile.
Follow my baking journey, where I bake love, sun, and smiles!”

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