April 19, 2015 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Arabnet's Taste of Beirut 2015

Every year during the famous Arabnet event, attendees and speakers are invited to a unique fair showcasing a sample of Lebanese food and restaurants under one roof. NoGarlicNoOnions has been attending this gathering since the blog started back in 2013.

This year eight restaurants were present as well as an international pastry shop, a local sweet producer, a tea company and alcohol brands. Armenian, Indian, international, French, Latino, Lebanese and Chinese cuisines were represented before moving to dessert where you could choose between a patisserie and oriental sweets. The surprise was seeing an Ethiopian catering company in this country of ours.


The restaurants and their offerings:

Moules et Frites: 

  • Moules à la dijonnaise
  • Moules de Beyrouth
  • Moules demi coquille gratinées a l'emmental
  • Frites de lutece 

China Club:

  • Nem rolls (fresh springs filled with mango, rice noodles, shrimp, crab, coriander and fresh mint with a soy and sour dip)
  • JT and sour soup
  • Stir fried noodles
  • Fried rice with vegetables
  • Chicken sweet and sour
  • Beef and cashews with black mushroom and oyster sauce
  • Sweet and sour fish with vegetables

Central Park:

  • Crab Nems
  • Fresh artichoke salad
  • Shrimp and grapefruit salad
  • Steak with mushroom sauce
  • Pizza Marchers and Pizza Regina


  • Ceviches
  • Salads
  • Empanadas
  • Pollo
  • Jamon y Queso
  • Pans
  • Enchiladas

Al Hindi:

  • Mini samosas
  • Mini soring rolls
  • Pakoras
  • Spicy popadoms
  • Chutney and pickles
  • Palak paneer
  • Daal
  • Chicken tikka masala
  • Butter chicken
  • Rogan Josh
  • Plain biryani
  • Saffron rice
  • Cheese and plain naan
  • Gulab jamun


  • Pumpkin with lamb in yogurt sauce
  • Artichoke stuffed with minced meat and pine nuts
  • Moroccan barkouk lamb taking
  • Armenian Itch salad
  • Damascene fette with tahini
  • Beetroot moutabbal


  • Ghapama (pumpkin stuffed with dried fruits and mixed nuts. Honey is the key ingredient).
  • Bourani: Pumpkin soup with tahini and chickpeas
  • Mohammara
  • Voskov Keufte: Lentil kebbe with an Armenian side salad
  • Rice Keufte: Rice kebbe  

Ethiopian catering in Beirut (Rahelabeba +961 70 906308)


Gustav Pastry: 

  • Frozen yogurt from Hrajel
  • Strawberry, pomegranate, lemon, dark holster, apple, mango, blueberry tarts
  • Mini cake balls: Raspberry, blueberry, chocolate, Nutella, vanilla peach, chocolate caramel, carrot, mango passion fruit, chocolate peanut butter

Rafic Rachidi Sweets:

  • Oriental sweets
  • Katayef
  • Ghraybe

Kuzmi Tea:

  • Anastasie (Earl Grey, orange blossom, lemon) 

Bar and Drinks:

Watch the video for an overview of the event.


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