February 04, 2021

How to Master the Art of Cooking Pan-Asian Cuisine

How to improve your skills in cooking pan-Asian cuisine? Discover the best advice on mastering this art right in this post.

Pan-Asian cuisine is a mixture of cuisines of different Asian countries. It is very diverse, so the experts in cooking pan-Asian dishes should have excellent skills and a deep understanding of the core features of the cuisine. In this article, you will find out the core elements of the cuisine and develop your cooking attainments easily and quickly.

Before You Start Mastering Your Cooking Skills 

The best way to boost your cooking skills is to practice a lot. Moreover, you will need to do various culinary experiments to become a better cook and have a personal vision of preparing Asian dishes in the most brilliant way. This means you will need to have tons of free time for culinary trial-trips.  

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How To Improve Your Skills In Cooking? 

If you have some basic cooking skills and would like to grow as a professional in the field of pan-Asian cuisine, you will need to understand the basic features of cuisines of different Asian countries. This simple trick will help you investigate the heart of pan-Asian cuisine and boost your cooking abilities. So, what are the peculiarities of different Asian cuisines? 


Chinese food is incredibly popular all over the world. You can hardly find a big city in Europe or the Americas where there are no Chinese restaurants. The key products for preparing Chinese courses are noodles, rice, vegetables, rice vinegar, and soy sauce. A bright example of Chinese cuisine is spring rolls. It is important to note that most Chinese courses don’t contain many spices, except traditional Yunnan and Sichuan courses. 


Thai cuisine requires having more advanced cooking skills. The reason is that most dishes should be perfectly balanced. The basics for most courses are rice and tons of various spices. If you are looking for a traditional Thai dish to cook, tom yum might be a good start to boost your culinary attainments. Although most Thai dishes are not easy to cook, tom yum is considered the simplest. In case you are a beginner cook, this dish is the best alternative. 


Most Indians are very religious. Therefore, religion has a great impact on their cuisine. If you are looking for the most popular Indian dishes, pay attention to vegetarian courses. The fact is that there are not many people in India who consume meat regularly. What does it mean? Get ready to prepare Indian meals made of a wide range of various vegetables. 


Most courses from Burmese cuisine contain fish and vegetables. As for the spices, the curry in Myanmar is milder than in most other Asian cuisines. Your mouth shouldn’t burn when eating Burmese dishes. As for traditional courses, it might be a good idea to begin learning by cooking mohinga and ngapi, the most demanding Burmese dishes. By the way, this cuisine is known for its amazing salads, for example, a tea leaf salad. 


To become a good cook of Lao cuisine, you will first need to explore how to make sticky rice. This is the most important thing for any Lao dish. Feel free to accompany sticky rice with fish, meat, and a wide number of spices. You might also need to add ground roasted rice powder and lemongrass to many courses. 


Cambodian cuisine is world-known for a whopping number of various types of soups and fruit. Moreover, Cambodian cooks use different rice for preparing diverse meals. Noodles are also an inevitable part of Cambodian cuisine. 


This type of cuisine is based on 5 different tastes. These are sweet, bitter, salty, spicy, and sour. You will need to find out how to combine these tastes in a single course. Being one of the healthiest cuisines all over the world, Vietnamese dishes usually contain fish and soy sauce, shrimp paste, vegetables, rice, and lemongrass. 


As for the Japanese food, get ready to do various cooking experiments with rice and fish. However, forget about oils and grease for making traditional Japanese dishes. 


If you would like to master your pan-Asian cooking skills by preparing Korean dishes, it might be good to begin with making kimchi. It is a dish made from fermented vegetables. 

Pan-Asian cuisine is often not easy to cook. However, start small and move forward with more complicated dishes to become a brilliant cook. 

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