November 05, 2020

KitKat Launches Low-Calorie Varieties

These new Nestlé KitKat varieties have been unveiled by the brand in the UK to offer consumers a flavorful option that is perfect for a treat or a dessert that is packaged in a portioned manner.


The flavors include Chocolate Hazelnut Spread and Honeycomb, which both come in two-finger serving sizes that are just 104 and 105 calories, respectively.

Assistant Brand Manager Amy Bennett-Inge spoke on the new Nestlé KitKat varieties saying, "We’ve experienced huge demand for our two-finger KitKats this year and we know that fans love to try new flavours from the brand. We think our honeycomb and chocolate hazelnut spread varieties really hit the spot, and we’re sure they’ll become popular new additions to the range."

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